“Their cartoons”

Islamo-fascist image of Benedict XVIIn the Italian daily newspaper LIBERO on 9 February 2006 on the front page, under a banner title "LE LORO VIGNETTE", "THEIR CARTOONS", readers were treated to distorted images of Pope Benedict XVI.  The images were taken from an Islamo-fascist website used also by Al-Zarqawi.  The images have been removed from that site, but not before they were widely circulated.  The two images to the right are part of a series of images, which show the transformation of Benedict into a pig-like monster.  The Arabic writing states, "I am the head of infidelity in the world".  Behind Benedict were "Roman pigs", who are going to be treated someday as they deserve.

Yesterday His Holiness Pope Benedict in his General Audience spoke about the Catholic priest who was murdered in Turkey.  Today it was confirmed that His Holiness will travel to Turkey for 28-30 November 2006.

One of my Italian friends describes the newspaper Libero: "it’s rather on the [Oriana] Fallaci style, very aggressive, scathing, no understatement at all. Not always good on moral issues, but certainly not a liberal paper overall. More populist than conservative. They led corageous campaigns against the corruption and the anti-American activities of the left."

Some of the text of the article: 

Pagina 1 – Papa Ratzinger con la faccia da maiale: è lui il capo degli infedeli
Papa Benedetto XVI ieri ha ricordato commosso don Andrea Santoro. Ha pregato Dio perché «il sacrificio della sua vita contribuisca alla causa del dialogo fra le religioni e della pace tra i popoli ». Nel frattempo sui siti islamici girano immagini come queste. Papa Ratzinger viene raffigurato come un uomo che si trasforma in maiale. La scritta dice: «Sono io il capo della miscredenza su questa terra». Si aggiunge che dietro di lui ci sono i «maiali romani », i quali saranno trattati come meritano, come gli esseri più immondi che secondo il Corano esistano. Il Papa, siamo sicuri, perdonerà. Noi ci proviamo, ma ci riesce un po’ meno.


You can draw your own conclusions from all of this. 

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