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Can a US bishop censor a priest? The Law.

NCCB Complementary Norm for Canon 831 §2:

“The National Conference of Catholic Bishops, in accord with the prescriptions of canon 831 §2, hereby decrees that, provided no harm to the Church could result from their presence, clerics and members of religious institutes may participate in radio and television programs which treat of Catholic doctrine and morals. A cleric or religious who regularly takes part in such programs must be qualified by his or her knowledge of the subject and the teaching of the magisterium, and must obtain the permission of either his or her proper diocesan bishop or the diocesan bishop of the place where the radio or television program is originally broadcast. In the case of members of religious institutes, permission of the competent superior is also required.” Continue reading

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Friday after Ash Wednesday

Whew! This is like doing Latin crunches: One is a piece of cake, but do enough of them and you really start feeling which muscles are getting the work.

What would ICEL do? I don’t have the ICEL text with me right, so I will guess:

you are very nice.
Keep up the good work.
Be a friend and help us
to think and do nice things too. Continue reading

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