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Tuesday of the 1st Week of Lent

Let us pray. Look down upon Thy household, O Lord,
and grant that our minds may be made glow [sic] by the desire of Thee,
which have been chastened by the tormenting of their bodies

Okay. I have nothing against slavishly literal translations in order to get to the foundation of the prayer’s content. But this version can be of little use to us other than as a starting point for a deeper examination. This is just wrong in several ways. Castigo is not “torment” as much as it is “to set right by word or deed, to correct, chastise, punish; to blame, reprove, chide, censure, find fault with”. In its roots it means to “correct, set right, mend”, not “torment”. The rad trad version, the source of which I am not quite sure, seems imbued with a weird Janesistic tinge.
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