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I tip my biretta  o{]:¬)   to Mark Shea and his fine blog for the following.  In a good natured way he pointed out a blog which parodies his own. 

Also, he links to a very funny lampoon blog called Lispers in the Woggia.  Do check it out.  Alas, I can’t get an RSS feed to work on the later.

Good satire, as opposed to mere invective, can have a dimension of charity woven through it.  Good satire is crafted to have a corrective impact.  What makes it funny is the fact that it remains rooted in the truth.  So long as charity is kept in mind, satire is not a bad thing. 

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  1. Jeff says:

    I agree about satire. And so I wonder, are you pro- or anti-Diogenes?

  2. Are you suggesting that the inimitable Diogenes is behing Lispers? The style is much like.

    I rather enjoy Diogenes and find his comments to be apt more often than not.


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