The Rita Skeeter of Catholic blogging

I limit myself to checking the self-absorbed Whispers in the Loggia only once in a while.   However, this morning I read from the Rita Skeeter of Catholic blogging this risible claim:

""Everyone reads you. Everyone. You’re the only person out there presenting things accurately, as they are….""

B as in B.  S as in S.

There are very good blogs up and running which are far less self-congratulatory. They present better pieces with better commentary.  Just take your pick.


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  1. Robert Thornton says:

    Yes, Rocco has been getting more and more self-absorbed and self-congratulatory since I started reading him a few months ago. I get embarrassed for him just reading his blog sometimes. Also seems to be unhealthily obsessed with “Church queens,” of which he would probably suspect you and me of being instances. Sometimes does indeed have good “scoops,” but his analysis is not usually an example of careful thinking, but rather of sentimental reaction. In his defense, he is just a very young man, and also appears to have spent too much time growing up hanging around the clergy.

  2. Henry Edwards says:

    Serves you right, for wasting your time on the Twirp’s dribblings. After telling us just the other morning how busy you are.

  3. Paul Murnane says:

    I second Henry :), except that you intrigued me enough that I actually clicked over to read that opus to self-importance. Incredible that he boasts of taking 15 – 18 hours per day to write what he does….but it’s a Friday in Lent and I’ll say no more.

  4. Jeff says:

    I used to comment quite a bit at Whispers when Rocco had open comments. I’ve never been one to be awestruck by bloggers, even admirable ones like Fr. Zuhlsdorf who are respected for good reason. So here’s my unedited take on today’s post with attached comments.

    Rocco has some problems, but he’s very entertaining and very good at what he does. Most blogs that drive one crazy never get read at all. But even those who complain about Rocco read him–they wouldn’t have to “limit” themselves otherwise.

    I move in orthodox circles–tending toward the traditionalist as a matter of fact. And even those who are irritated as all get out by Rocco’s attitudes and beliefs read him regularly. One well known and completely orthodox author who publishes regularly in Catholic journals and has a best-selling book just out always says to me at the Sunday church coffee after our indult mass, “Did you read what Rocco wrote yesterday? (two days ago?).” Orthodox bloggers like Amy Welborn and Zadok the Roman are on friendly terms with him and link to him regularly. He’s made some very good calls–including Levada and the last consistory.

    Rocco didn’t say everyone read him. He was quoting what a bishop said about him and I have no trouble believing that a bishop said that very thing. It was a compliment and perhaps exaggerated a bit therefore, but Rocco is read and read very widely. He’s young and it goes to his head a bit–so what?

    Rocco’s hardly above some sharp, pointed criticism about his understanding of the Faith and his attitudes toward other Catholics. When he wallops, he often deserves to get wallopped back twice as hard. And occasionally he gets a bit full of himself. But sneers that pretend that there’s no there there are unworthy and unfair.

    There’s no question that if I wanted advice about how to be a good Catholic I might go to Fr. Zuhlsdorf and would never think of asking Rocco Palmo’s advice. But as one of the commenters pointed out, it’s a Friday in Lent. Perhaps we could afford to abstain from tittering, self-congratulatory superiority as well as meat.

  5. Robert Thornton says:

    Jeff has spoken well.

  6. I call him the ‘Joan Rivers of blogging’.

  7. Jon says:


    Rocco’s pen drips viper venom. Read him, fine, quote him, no. I shudder to think who and what his sources are, and publically quoting
    him only gives them the impression that their foul jig isn’t up. It is, and it’s our duty to ensure it.

    For my money, read Rorate Caeli. They’ve been beating Rocco to the punch by days. They’re accurate, and they’re orthodox.
    I guarantee it makes his pink face green.

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