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UPDATE: INTERNET PRAYER – Chinese (Mandarin)!

I am thrilled to report that a friend of mine has provided us with a version of The Internet Prayer in Mandarin Chinese.  It took time and effort for him to put this together, so I would appreciate you’re saying … Read More


Hey, Holy Father!

At a recent press conference that never took place a journalist shouted, “Hey, Holy Father! Whaddya thinka Washington D.C.??”

“I haven’t been there for a while, but if given another chance, I’ll give it Wuerl.”

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The Bufo and the Code – a response to Mike Aquilina

The famous Thomas a Kempis in his Sermones ad novicios (Sermons to novices) is simply cruel to our bufo, though admittedly with real style! Thomas the Novice Master is literally giving these kids hell, saying that to get over the desire for honors or even simply to stay in their cells for a little extra sleep, they should picture the ghastly flames of hell roasting their twisting crackling bodies. They should summon to their minds the scariest things pppppossible, including the bbbbufo! Get a load of those great active participles all strung together. Read it aloud, shout, wave your hands around like flames as if you are trying to scare a bunch of novices! “Pone in mente tua quae naturaliter horribilia videntur, scilicet ollam succensam pice plenam, sulphure foetentem; attende leones frementes, canes mordentes, serpentes saevientes: bufones corrodentes, dracones glutientes; et vinces citius turpissima vitia ad cor tuum maculandum per diabolum tibi immissa: fugabisque longius a te torporem mentis, somnolentiam corporis, et desiderium vanissimae laudis.” Wasn’t that fun? You have got to read the whole thing sometime. Read More

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Tuesday of the 5th Week of Easter

Remember that by the Sacrament of Confirmation, which deepens our baptismal character, we can draw great strength in moments of need. The Enemy and our own wounded nature will make some choices and actions difficult. Our hope and even our faith will be challenged. We can call upon, so to speak, that Sacrament of Confirmation, our “confirmed character” for those actual graces we need when we are facing something difficult. “O God, who by the sacrament of confirmation deepened and strengthened my bond with You and Your indwelling in me, in this moment of need give me the courage and force to do what I must do for Your glory and the sake of my soul’s salvation.” Read More