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Lightning storm tonight

Lightning storn tonight. Lot’s of branch lightning. Hard to predict, but I caught a little. Read More

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It is still Paschaltide (in the Novus Ordo at least)

Meanwhile, back at the Sabine farm…

Here is a detail showing the Risen Lord of one of my vestments in the chapel. Read More

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Wednesday after Ascension in the 7th Week of Easter

Augustine was deeply, passionately, fiercely interested in love. Often and appropriately he is depicted with a burning heart. For Augustine, belief and love were intertwined. He described love as a gravitational force pulling us to where we by nature belong. Some people think the old man was a terrible pessimist about the human condition, especially as he got older, was worn down by constant theological battles and pastoral burdens and deteriorating health. If he saw the negative side of the human condition, he knew with absolute conviction that love was its solution. This conviction grew as the years passed. The great Augustinian scholar A.-M. La Bonnardiere found that between 387-429, Augustine (+430) quoted Romans 5:5 at least 201 times. Augustine rarely used Romans 5:5 before 411 (the year Rome was sacked by Alaric). Romans 5:5 is found more frequently between 411-421 when he was fighting with Pelagians about grace. Many references continue from 421 until his death while he was engaged in his bitter fight with the bête noir of his old age Julian of Eclanum.

What is Romans 5:5? Read More


The Zen of Chinese Chess continues

Over at the fine Catholic World News (which you ought to subscribe to if you don’t already) there is a very good story on WDTPRS’s favorite Joseph Card. Zen of Hong Kong.   Go read the article.  However, here is an … Read More

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