UPDATE: INTERNET PRAYER – Chinese (Mandarin)!

I am thrilled to report that a friend of mine has provided us with a version of The Internet Prayer in Mandarin Chinese.  It took time and effort for him to put this together, so I would appreciate you’re saying a prayer for him. 

CHINESE (MANDARIN)   NB: This may not appear correctly if you do not have the proper fonts.
浏览网际网络祈祷æ–‡ 汉语(华语)

并赐给了我们您的独生子 — 耶稣基督,
在教会圣师怡铎主教(Saint Isidore)的代祷下,求您护佑我们,

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  1. Norman says:

    Fr, being of yellow skin, I can say this prayer is beautiful :)

  2. Norman 不客气!

  3. Jeff says:

    Fr. Z,

    This is really a comment abt. the English translation of this fine prayer. I left one there in the combox below it, & then my husband pointed out that 1) you may not see those comments regularly 2) I missed asking whether it oughtn’t to be “Thine Only-begotten Son” as well as “Thine image” & 3) it seems to him (& to me, on reflection) that some older Catholic translation we read (We can’t think which–Douay-Rheims Bible? Fr. Lasance Missal?) uses “Thy” before words that begin with vowels. But I can’t think why. Can you?

    Mrs. Jeff

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