Examining the draft translation of the GIRM

I found an interesting site.  Someone took the time to examine carefully the draft translation of the GIRM way back when.  Perpend:

Observations on the English Language Study Translation of the Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani July 2000 [hereinafter IGMR2000] by the Secretariat for the Liturgy of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops [hereinafter SL]

The following observations do not address issues of style (e.g., inconsistency in capitalization) or nuance of translation. They simply point to omissions and (in the opinion of this writer) over-translations in the SL text. They are based on a comparison of the Latin text of the IGMR2000 as found at the BCL website and the English study text published by the SL. For convenience article numbers from IGMR2000 will be given with comparison to page and line numbers from the SL text.

You might want to look at this page if you are interested in the minutiae of translations of rubrics as you gaze at the official translation of the GIRM.


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