Finally a decent day

I had a decent day today, despite everything else going on, the which since it involves Italian bureaucracy is a ************ nightmare, I assure you. 
That’s all I have the strength to say today.  Really.

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  1. catholiclady says:

    Hope tomorrow is even better and you have more strenght too –

  2. Benedicat tibi Deus, Fr. Z, et in manu suo te sustentet.

  3. CaesarMagnus says:

    If it is Carta D’Identita related I can sympathize.
    I sometimes wonder if that is why there are so many problems in the Church:
    because it’s bureaucratic center is in Italy, and it is run by so many Italians. LOL.

    I love Italians to death, but when you put them behind a desk something strange hapens to them.

  4. Jon says:


    I tried to translate the number of asterisks into an appropriate ecclesiasitcal expletive per Liturgiam Authenticam, but I was apprently using the wrong declension and am perplexed.

    Perhaps you can provide a clue in next week’s column? ;^)

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