It is still Paschaltide (in the Novus Ordo at least)

Meanwhile, back at the Sabine farm

Here is a detail showing the Risen Lord of one of my vestments in the chapel.

Sabine farm vestment detail

From the same vestment…. can you read what this says?


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  1. Don Marco says:


  2. flabellum says:


  3. catholiclady says:


  4. Flabellum: Well done! You get a gold start for the day.

  5. Don Marco says:

    Collect, 7th Thursday of Paschaltide

    Lord, we beseech you,
    let your Spirit powerfully pour out spiritual gifts upon us,
    so as to give us a mind for the things that are pleasing to you,
    and graciously fit us to your will.

    Collect, 1 June, Memorial of Saint Justin, Martyr

    O God, who by the folly of the Cross,
    wondrous instructed your martyr Saint Justin
    in the surpassing wisdom of Jesus Christ,
    grant, through his intercession,
    that having spurned the fraud of error,
    we may attain the stability of truth.

  6. 1973 ICEL Collect for June 1:

    Father, through the folly of the cross
    you taught Saint Justin
    the sublime wisdom of Jesus Christ.
    May we too reject falsehood
    and remain loyal to the faith.

    For ICEL, uncommonly faithful to the original’s meaning. But devoid of Don Marco’s poetic flow. And, as usual in a second-sentence ICEL bottom line, the focus is on our own effort rather than on the intercession of Christ or the grace of God.

  7. Don Marco says:

    That should read “wondrously instructed” in the Collect for Saint Justin. Thank you for your patience.

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