Zen resists pressure from the PRC

Cardinal ZenChina’s Foreign Ministry Commissioner has been urging Hong Kong’s Joseph Cardinal Zen to persuade the Holy See to give in to the PRC’s demands in order to have a chance to reestablish diplomatic ties.  See the AsiaNews story.

China says that the Holy See must support the "one China policy", sever ties with Taiwan, and stop "meddling" in the internal affairs of China.  

Cardinal ZenCardinal Zen respondet dicendum: “I am bound to do whatever is beneficial for my nation….” “However, if Beijing’s position is to take over the authority for ordaining bishops, and to maintain a Patriotic Association that surpasses the bishops, these would do no good at all to the country, and would not be accepted by the majority of the clergy and the faithful.”

“I love my country as much as my Church, and I do hope they achieve a ‘win-win’ agreement, so that genuine religious freedom will be secured, and, at the same time, harmony will be maintained in the society."

“Our faithful will be able to contribute to the progress and modernisation of our country, which, in turn, will attain a much respectable status internationally.”

Actions speak louder than words and the forced, illicit, official Church consecrations are not liked by people.  When Paul Pai Junmin was consecreted bishop with Pope Benedict’s permission in Shenyang last week, a crowd of at least 5,000 Catholics attended.  Many bishops and more than 100 priests, some from abroad willingly participated in the Mass. Most of the 5000 had to stay outside the church and follow on a large screen.  The large crowd was probably due to the knowledge that the Holy See approved the consecration.   When the state held consecrations without the permission of the Holy See, few people attended and many of the clergy were forced under pressure to be there.

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