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What do Stallings (& Miligno?) and his followers believe?

You all know that His Holiness, George Augustus Stallings, Jr., Patriarch and Founder of the AACC or Imani African American Catholic Congregation is an excommunicated heretic.  So, is Archbishop Milingo going to join him?  Let’s find out what the AACC … Read More


Milingo Hijinx

I had some contact with Milingo some years ago when he was into his very weird diliverance ministries. My (former) bishop – the paragon of kindness and trust – origninally gave him permission to do some things in the diocese, very close to Rome, until he found out what Milingo was up to. Then he kicked him out. After the Holy See sakced him, Milingo lived in a Vatican apartment directly above one of the people I worked with. The stories of the odd balls coming and going and the disturbances in the building were amazing. Read More


“For heterodoxy does not differ at all from unenlightenment.”

Today’s Gospel reading from Matthew 10:1-7 concerns the mission Jesus gives to the Twelve and their instructions for that mission.  He tells the Apostles to preach to the Jews but not to go to the towns of the pagans, the … Read More

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