Milingo Hijinx

Archbishop Miligno was at the National Press Club today.  Don’t you wish you could have gone?

Event Date:      July 12, 2006
Event Name:     Archbishop Milingo
Event Type:     News Conference
Time:     10:00 AM
Sponsored by:     Imani Temple – African American Catholic Congregation
Event Location:     Murrow Room
Details:     Archbishop Milingo: "Married Priesthood Now"

contact: George Augustus Stallings at 301-728-2056,

I had some contact with Milingo some years ago when he was into his very weird diliverance ministries.  My (former) bishop – the paragon of kindness and trust –  origninally gave him permission to do some things in the diocese, very close to Rome, until he found out what Milingo was up to.  Then he kicked him out.   After the Holy See sakced him, Milingo lived in a Vatican apartment directly above one of the people I worked with.  The stories of the odd balls coming and going and the disturbances in the building were amazing.

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  1. He is indeed much to be pitied, and hopefully much to be disciplined, even from a distance. When was the last public excommunication at Rome…bell…book…candle…mmmmmmmm!

  2. Cathy_of_Alex says:

    For Wired News Addicts (like myself):

    XM Satellite Radio just started carrying NPC events on Saturdays at
    8 p.m. Central on Channel 133. It’s always possible His Wackiness will be on.

  3. Be sure to tune in and get a recording!

  4. Cathy_of_Alex says:

    Unfortunately, I’m going on a biking/camping trip this weekend so if His
    Wackiness happens to be on the program this Saturday I’ll miss it.

    There ARE actually occasions when I unplug. :-) It doesn’t happen very often
    but pleasure trips are one of the those times!

  5. It is very interesting that the Roman Catholic Church feels so challenged by married priests that they threaten to excommunicate them, yet repeatedly reassign and pardon homosexuals and pederasts in their midst. Having married clergy is sound biblically, and the presence of normal healthy heterosexual married priests would do a lot to solve the many problems in the Catholic faith community. Your attitude to Archbishop Milingo is at the very least uncharitable, and moreover, it is ignorant, and bigoted. He is your brother, and he who hates his brother does not belong to God.

  6. Damain: First pete and now repeat, I guess. You posted the same drivel in another place in this blog and I beat your silly comment to bits over there. I will, however, comment on your accusation of uncharity.

    It is not charitable to deny that scandal has occured. It is charitable to point out the fundamnetal and publicly stated beliefs of an individual or group and dispel ignorance. Certainly citing the public statments of an individual or a group dispells ignorance. When something is stated publicly, it is fair game. BTW… Archbishop Milingo made all sort of public declarations, solemn promises, as a matter of fact, at the times of his three ordinations. Nothing about them was secret. Apparently you are interested that these things about Archbishop Milingo not be exposed to the light of day. I recall versus from Scripture about “those who love the darkness because their deeds are dark”, but I will not quote them here, lest I appear to be a proof-texting biblical fundamentalist.

    You speak of a “bigoted attitude”: I don’t even know what that means in this context. This is so much rhetorical gas on your part, I’m afraid. “Bigotted” concerning what precisely? No… that was also a rhetorical question: I frankly don’t care.

    Finally, no one is speaking of “hatred” here except you.

  7. Damian, sorry about misspelling your name. Because you were disrespectful in regard to my office in the Church (my person I care little about in that regard) I removed your last comment. When you are ready to be civil, you can post.


  8. Fr. Arsenius says:

    Seems they’ve found Carmen Sandiego. But Milingo…?

  9. Okay, I’m willing to call you Father John if you are willing to call me Brother Damian. ;-)


  10. Damian: Thanks for the light-hearted banter.

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