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  1. Jon says:

    Tradition?!!…Die Tradition bin ich!

  2. Henry Edwards says:

    Feeling good, having just reviewed the Rite of Degradation of a Bishop.

  3. Ray from MN says:

    You better smile when you say “woman-priest”, pardner!

  4. C’mon, admit it. I DO look better then Blessed John XXIII in this hat!

  5. Argent says:

    Just chant a chant and bring the snazzy vestments,
    Happy trails to you till we meet again.

  6. fabrizio says:

    Howdy, pilgrim!

  7. GOR says:

    Ich bin Don Camillo…!

  8. Fr. Bartoloma says:

    YIPPY-KI-YAY ****** ******

  9. LOL @ Henry’s.

    “Forget the Avignon papacies, remember the Alamo papacy!”

  10. Henry Edwards says:

    Second try (thinking of the liturgy, of course):

    “OK, podner, we’re gonna get a few things straight, now!”

  11. Jon says:

    If Henry can…

    Second try.

    “You’ll get yer indult. Sure as the turnin’ of the earth.”

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