Missa pro Ecclesiae defensione

Today I used the Mass Pro Ecclesia defensione in the 1962 Missale Romanum:

Omnipotens sempiterne Deus,
in cuius manu sunt omnium potestates
et omnia iura regnorum:
respice in auxilium christianorum;
ut gentes paganorum, quae in sua feritate confidunt,
dexterae tuae potentia conterantur.

Almighty everlasting God,
in whose hand are all the powers
and governance of every realm,
look to the help of Christians,
that the heathen nations, which put their trust in their own fierceness,
may be crushed by the might of Your right hand.

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  1. Jon says:

    Deus le vult!

  2. Henry Edwards says:

    Is this that fearsome 1950’s ideology which the ubiquitous Liberal of the Blogs keeps worrying about?

  3. Henry: I don’t know who the “Ubiguitous Liberal of Blogs” is (ULOB) but, I would respond that this is the “ideology” that shaped countless souls who are now unapologetically in heaven.

  4. Henry Edwards says:

    More seriously, I’m wondering whether somebody with a contact ought to show this collect to the White House. Might put in perspective some of the more naive claims about various world religions heard from there recently. Would this be task be a responsibility of the USCCB government liaison office? Could we rely upon them to get it done?

  5. I think a citizen could sent it, no?

  6. Henry Edwards says:

    Sure, but an ordinary citizen wouldn’t have the clout of the USCCB, would he? And those people in the USCCB government liaison office are paid big bucks to get the true Catholic position across. Why don’t you forward it to them? Jon or I could, but they’d surely take it more seriously coming from you, an ordained minister (as I understand they say in those lofty circles).

  7. Andrew says:

    If I may jump in uninvited …

    What does the encyclical really say?

    Here is an interesting thought from “Deus caritas est” no. 28a last par.:

    Ecclesia non potest nec debet sibi assumere politicam contentionem ut societatem quam justissimam efficiat. […] Justa societas non potest esse opus Ecclesiae, sed a politicis illud procurari oportet.

    (The Church cannot and aught not assume the task of political contention in an effort to create the most just society possible. […] A just society cannot be the Church’s task: rather, it is to be achieved by politicians.)

  8. Pes says:

    “The most just society”?

    Don’t skew the issue. A lot of suffering, persecuted Christians would settle for “an existing society,” Andrew. It’s entirely our right to defend them.

    Besides, this is a prayer, not a policy brief.

    Lighten up.

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