Back in action

Today was busy day full of getting things out of storage, and getting my electronic "nimbus" (as a priest friend calls it) set up again.

I had lunch with two great priests who are USN chaplains (for me: buccatini dell’amatriciana followed by a nice caprese of mozerella di bufala washed down by Frascati) and supper tonight with a Holy Cross Father friend in town for a bit (pretty simple: we had a bis of fettucine and funghi porcini and rigatoni with a covering made up of eggplant, guanciale, and a touch of asparagus; the great thing was that both the fettucine and (!) the rigatoni were fresh, and not dried; ever had fresh rigatoni? The wine was a highly structured bomb of a Sicilian La purezza. *whew*).

I have now hooked everything up again, pretty much. I can’t get my new wireless router to synch properly with my things, however, including my new wi-fi phone, so I reverted to my older router. Some day next week when I am better rested I will get that solved. Another gadget problem to solve!

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  1. Henry Edwards says:

    Father Z: Now that you’re connected again, I wonder whether you intend to post your Wanderer 10/10=9/2006 column on the super oblata (2) for the 29th Sunday of OT? (Hmm … no internet access from your Airbus over the Atlantic Sunday?) I was planning on including a link to it in a Wednesday newsletter this week to some local Latin Mass folks.

  2. itsawonderfullife says:

    Is there a Best Buy in Rome if you need another new gadget?

  3. Fr. John Pecoraro says:

    Fr. Z, please stop it you’re making me hungry!!!!

  4. itsawonderfullife: If I need something I will post it. I am sure you will be able to send it to me.

  5. Henry: Oh yah… *cough*… right.

  6. Pes says:


    It’s so good to hear you’re enjoying it!

  7. Séamas says:

    Glad to hear you made it safely!

  8. Jeffrey Stuart says:

    Glad to see you are keeping good company.

    Fly Navy…the Best Always Have.

  9. RBrown says:

    Have you ever eaten at Walter’s? It’s near Campo Marzio.

  10. RBrown says:

    Make that Campo dei Fiori

  11. Charles says:

    Any chance of giving us the names of some of the restaurants you frequent in the Eternal City?

  12. It depends on what I am about, really. For normal meals I very much like “Polese” and a place with the unlikely name “L’Isola della pizza”. “Er facciolaro” isn’t bad. A nice spot for lunch is “La danesina”. For Chinese I must suggest either “Mr. Chow” or “Il drago d’oro”. For something a little nicer, there is “da Pietro” on the V. Germanico, or “da Fortunato” near the Pantheon. There is a place nearby names “Pietro” for all things truffle. For seafood I am very picky: “da Benito” in the Borgo is great.

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