Off I go. I will soon be high above the earth, rocketing toward the City and away from the Sabine Farm.

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  1. Andrew says:

    … sit Deus in itinere tuo, et angelus ejus comitetur tecum.

  2. Catholic Lady says:

    Farewell to Sabine Farm
    Apples, crickets, good wine
    Good friends and good food
    Farewell to summertime

  3. Andrew: Gratias tibi libenter persolvo.
    CL: Nice.

    I am in the veep lounge at DTW, perched in my usual corner overlooking the main crossing of the terminal. I don\’t know how it happens, but I always seen to wind up in this chair. Many signs and traces of the Motor City Kitties are in evidence here, as you can imagine. Airport workers and travellers are sporting lots of Tiger gear. I think I must favor the team that beat the hated Yankees. I have a book by Trollope for the flight, though I think sleep is the better plan. The forward cabin is usually pretty comfy for that and it is an Airbus 330.



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