I am back in my old room, high above the City and in view of the cupola.

Very tired.

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  1. Sidney says:

    What a wonderful thing living in Rome, near the Prince of the Apostles and the
    Vicar of Christ!

    Welcome to the home of Christ!

  2. Séamas says:

    I agree. I’m more of a Sabine farm kind of guy than a city boy, but if I had to live in a city, and I had the choice, Rome would be it.

    I bet they sell Cuban cigars in the shops there, too. Like they do everywhere but in America.

    Is it a sin to buy illegal Havanas in America, Father?

  3. Séamas: Really a theoretical question. After all, since they are illegal in the USA you won’t find any, right? But, yes, there are Cuban cigars here and some of them are quite good.

  4. Al says:

    Beautiful picture Father. How long will you be there?

  5. Is that an obligatory construction crane in the background? I would say it is impossible to go to Rome and not have some pictures with construction or scaffolding in them. Things are constantly being worked on over there. I have a great picture of the “facade” of the Gesu with a nice big “Dove Soap” advertisement on the front.

    Wishing I could go back to visit Rome.

    Good to hear you are back safely.

  6. Roman: ROFL! I know. The worst was Gandhi on the facade of Ss. Trinità and the ad for The DaVinci Code ont he facade of S. Pantaleon.

  7. Séamas says:

    “Séamas: Really a theoretical question. After all, since they are illegal in the USA you won’t find any, right?”


    And since heroin is illegal, junkies can’t find any.

    But yes, in my case it is theoretical. Couldn’t afford them if I wanted them. However, theoretically, if someone offered me some premium Habanas, and I couldn’t resist the temptation, I wondered if it would be a sin. After all, any law that deprives people of Cuban cigars is unjust by definition, right? In fact, though I am no theologian, I am pretty sure it violates Natural Law. Right?


    Ah, never mind. I’ll just stick to Dominicans and Nicaraguans. :-(

  8. Séamas: I think it must be admitted that the Dominicans are usually better anyway, right?

  9. Séamas says:

    Father: Some Habanos are nothing to write home about, while others make Domincans taste like dirt. Being a discerning man, I think you already know that.

    I get the impression you are gently and subtly trying to steer me away from sin (venial though it may be). I really appreciate that. You are a good priest, and I thank God for you.

    You needn’t worry, though. I am not in the habit of buying illegal cigars. And if someone were to give me some, unasked for? I will certainly destroy them… in a series of small, controlled fires, you understand. :-)

  10. Séamas: Yes… I fully agree. All good cigars should be burned.

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