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  1. Jordan Potter says:

    Well, I’m not sad to know that Peter Jackson won’t be allowed to make a hash of The Hobbit the way he made a hash of LOTR . . . but hopefully his replacement won’t make it ever worse.

    If they can make a Hobbit that’s at least as good as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, then it’ll be a great film. But I cringe that they might make something on a par with Jackson’s LOTR or worse.

  2. Jeffrey Stuart says:

    I think Shatner can pull it off. :)

  3. CDB says:

    With today’s technology, almost anyone could do it. The difficulty will be finding someone who will be faithful to the book, something Jackson has difficulty with.

  4. MacBeth says:

    If Shatner is Gandalf, then surely Nimoy should be Elrond????

  5. Jacob says:

    Even more than the outcry over PJ not being on the project, I find it amusing that so many people believe that Ian McKellan is God’s gift and no one can play Gandalf besides him…

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