Walking to work

I walk everywhere in Rome.  I get on a bus about three times a year,.. if I must. 

I walk to work.  That includes the Press Office of the Holy See.  No, I don’t work for the Press Office, so don’t blame me, I just work at the Office sometimes, depending on what’s up.. which is usually not very much.  More often I am around the library of the Augustinianum, which is right next to the colonnade of St. Peter’s Square.  So, if you looking for me….

Here are a few shots from the walk today.  Just another autumn day on my usual trudge, mp3 plugged in and dodging the tourists and junk peddlers.

I really like autumn and I am getting it twice this year.  Alas, Rome doesn’t have the colors you see at the Sabine Farm.

Moving off the bridge over the Tiber and along the embankment the plane trees form arches over the walkway.

You can almost smell the roasted chestnuts from the vendor.  Alas most of the venders are from who knows what country of Asia, but this fellow is a home boy.   The old Roman call of "caldarosti!" is now almost gone, at least with the Roman accent.  But you can still hear it from this guy.


More photos of Fr. Z’s routine another time. 

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  1. Peter says:

    Can you enlarge the first, for wallpaper?

  2. Lawrence says:


    Do you have any comment or insight into the controversy raging about Rowan Williams communion service
    at Sabina? This apparently has upset some people quite a bit.

  3. Joan says:

    It’s not just that it’s upset people, they are naturally very worried about the scandal of it all. The debate is going on over at New Liturgical Movement.

  4. Bede says:

    Oh! I miss Rome! Father, your photos make me homesick for a city I’ve only been to for about nine days.

  5. Your photos take me back to last year when I was fortunate enough to stroll down that very walk. I love Rome.

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