But Father!

How do you get those great photos?

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  1. Victor says:

    How indeed? Can you disclose your camera type? Did you have a professional training?

  2. Victor: I use a Canon EOS20D and sometimes an old Sony digital DSC-V1 when I am not toting the big box around. You never know when you might get that one interesting shot. I have been at this picture taking thing for quite a while, but I have never had any formal training.

  3. Diane says:

    I have the same camera Father – the Canon EOS20D. It’s a great camera. Now, if I could only afford the telephoto $3000 lens that goes down to f2.5 and has a stabilizer! Creamy backgrounds and foregrounds, with a crystal clear object! Oooo – the beauty of such photos.

  4. Is that the Gesu? That’s the only church I’ve noticed a mirror for looking at the ceiling, not that other churches might not be doing it.
    [longing to return to Rome for more pics]

  5. Yes, that is at the Gesù.

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