Pen jing

If you want a bonsai tree and live in Rome, check out the little shop on the V. del Coronari, 16. These dedicated guys know their stuff. And, when I go away, they tree-sit for as long as I need.

I prefer to think of my little tree as a pen jing rather than a bonsai, but bonsai’ll do.

Here is pen jing getting some morning sun after a drink and a thorough misting:

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  1. Thank you very much for your offer of a photo of Cardinal Bona’s tomb.

    The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church says that he is buried in the chapel of Ss. Cosma e Damiano in the church of S. Giovanni de’ Fiorentini. A photo would be very gratefully appreciated if you get the chance.

  2. I said \”Bonsai\” not \”Bona\”!

    I will get the shot, if I can.


  3. Anonymous says:


    Maybe someday you can do a post on Cardinal Del Val and include pics of his burial place in St. Peters?

  4. Geoffrey says:

    I love bonsai trees, though sadly they do not love me! They usually die within 6 months of purchase! :-(

  5. Black Cassock says:

    Fr, I swear you are more Chinese than me!

  6. Argent says:

    Well, Geoffrey, if your bonsai had St. Peter’s Dome to gaze at each day, I bet it would thrive, too.

  7. Sidney says:

    Thank you Father!

    It’s good for my littlle nativity scene!

  8. Geoffrey says:

    Argent: If I had Saint Peter’s Dome to gaze at each day, I would thrive!

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