Rainy day

It’s pretty wet here, today. I think November weather has finally arrived. It has been a good run and maybe it’ll clear up.

54.7 °F / 12.6 °C
Pluvia Levis


Umor: 90%
Frigus in quo Ros apparet: 52 °F / 11 °C
Ventus: 5.0 mph / 8 km/h Variabilis
Venti Impetus: 5.0 mph / 8 km/h
Pressio: 29.75 in / 1007.3 hPa
Visibilitas: 3.1 milia passuum / 5.0 chiliometri
UV: 2 de 16
Nubes: Nubes Dispersae 2000 ft / 609 m
Plerumque Nubila 2500 ft / 762 m

I think it’ll be a good day to stay in and read some Ambrose and maybe catch up on a couple episodes of Smallville.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Cum pluvio frigore caelum contristatur hiemis jam frigora denuntiat autumnus.

  2. Catholic Lady says:

    And Wisconsin, I hear, has a lot of snow but maybe not at the farm.

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