Captions please

"Not now, Kato, you fewl!  Warm up za Silver Hornet!"


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  1. Dan Hunter says:

    Zee confirmandi slap from my august self usually gets rid of zee migraine.

  2. Tim Ferguson says:

    “…then I want those on this side of the room to say ‘Colts’ just as that side finishes saying ‘Go’…”

    Ganswein, under his breath, “Ach, I put a fin down on the Bears this morning…”

  3. Geoffrey says:

    “Pesky flies!”

  4. anonymous says:

    There There Georg… Rocco Palmo won’t be stalking you any more…

  5. Now go back to your office, turn on your computer, go to the Curt Jester website. Whatever date he gives you for the Indult, we had better stick to. Then e-mail the Curt Jester and tell him the date, cc WDTPRS. Don’t tell the French bishops anything apart from how wonderfully civilised they are.

  6. RBrown says:

    There There Georg… Rocco Palmo won’t be stalking you any more…

    Anonymous knows something because that does appear to be Msgr Georg Gaenswein next to BXVI.

  7. Michael says:

    Tut mir leid. When I pat my pet rottweiler, Schatzi, the ring hurts her too.

  8. anonymous says:

    anonymous (ego sum) knows quite alot. ;)

    p.s. It is a pleasure to type “quo primum” as the anti-spam word.

  9. “Whatza matta wit you!?”

  10. Norman Lee says:

    “Achtung! I am going to tell you something, so you had better listen!”

  11. The hand of a great, saintly pope on Peter’s Chair and a holy priest receiving a blessing. What is the blessing? The ‘motu proprio’ on the Tridentine Latin Mass will, prayerfully, be released on the holy feast of St. Peter’s Chair, the greatest pope of the greatest in Christendom!
    St. Peter pray for us!!! Do you know why Peter was the greatest of the greatest?
    j hughes dunphy

  12. anonymous says:

    Those fools! Everyone knows my left profile is best

  13. Mark says:

    Gänswein: No, don’t hit meeeee!!

  14. Jeff says:

    Okay, Curia here’s the release date for the Motu Proprio in sign language. Georg, don’t look!

  15. Brian Anderson says:

    Here is my trailer…

    “Our Rite of Pius V coming subito to a church new you, “

  16. Pope: Georg, I think I have a splinter on my palm.

    Georg: No… I can’t look. I’ll faint at the sight of blood.

  17. Emitte says:

    No Piero! We have told you before we don’t want any suggestions like that!

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