Save The Liturgy, Save The World – a new spin

Gerald, over at The Cafeteria, always has fine photography work for view. 

He put his many skills together with a bit of … borrowing… and came up with a fresh spin on what I posted a while back about the importance to the entire world of properly celebrated (and participated) sacraments and why we need to make improvements, and fast: Save The Liturgy, Save The World.

He is making a larger version available as well.  The detail of the window, in the larger version, is breathtaking.  As a photographer and image manipulator, this guy’s got game. 

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  1. ….and merchandise !

    Part of the revenue will go to the good Benedictines in Rome who’ll put up with me for 2 weeks :)

  2. With buttons! Outstanding!

    A few years ago, GIA of all people were selling buttons that said “Read the Red. Say the Black.”, IIRC.

  3. gravitas says:

    Quick off the topic question:

    My wife is 9 months pregnant and we last our last birthing class tomorrow
    (Sunday). It starts at 9 am and it goes until 4 pm and it’s a 30-minute drive
    from our house. There is a 7 am low mass but it’s 45 minutes away so we’d
    literally have to speed and we would still be late. That’s our only option for
    Mass tomorrow. Being this is the case and we have no other option to take this class,
    and I’m affraid to have my ready to pop wife run around like that, is it a sin
    to miss Mass tomorrow or does it fall into the sick/forced to work/bad weather
    category? Would love a priests take but please anyone chime in.

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