Moonset with a couple of cupolas

I was up before sunrise this morning and caught the setting of the moon. 

Tomorrow the moon with be full and in Rome there will be a total eclipse of the moon at 23:21 UTC.  Alas, the moon will be at a pretty angle for the eclipse.  If it is clear I will have a great view, but probably won’t be able to pick up enough Roman skyline to make for an interesting photo.

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  1. Vincenzo says:

    Beautiful picture. Thank you.

  2. Diane says:

    Fr. Z

    But, you will try, right?

    We probably won’t even get a glimpse of the orange ball. We’ve been under gray skies which are as dark this morning as ever.

  3. John Polhamus says:

    The big one with the lights is nice. Is that your local parish?

  4. Andrew says:

    What a picture! Truly the best things in life are free! Or as Plautus puts it:

    Diem, aquam, solem, lunam, noctem; haec argento non emo … (Asinaria)

  5. Felipe says:

    Father, do you know something about this:

    Motu Propio before Passover
    In spanish, read:

    Thanks in advance

  6. Kenjiro Shoda says:

    I think I said it before,
    I think Fr. Z. is a magnificent photographer!!! I hope you have a collection of all the photos you have taken in Rome.
    You should compile them and write text for them all and publish it as one of those huge hardback “coffee table” books various places (and even homes) are proud to show off. The photos are not the “run of the mill” boring shot we usually see in Rome travelogger books. They’re unique. If you are a secular (or diosecean) priest, you could make a fortune on the book and give to noble traditional Catholic ventures. If you’re a religious Order priest, of course you could not keep the profits.
    But, I wish I was as good a photographer. It’s a great talent. Just like having a blog like this which keeps faithful traditional Catholics in tune with the latest news without sounding like gossip or pushing a liberal agenda.
    I visit this site every day….for the news (particularly about the TLM) and the Moto Proprio, but also for the photos which are the best…especially from the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter.
    THank you!

  7. gravitas says:

    Quick off the topic question:

    My wife is 9 months pregnant and we last our last birthing class tomorrow
    (Sunday). It starts at 9 am and it goes until 4 pm and it’s a 30-minute drive
    from our house. There is a 7 am low mass but it’s 45 minutes away so we’d
    literally have to speed and we would still be late. That’s our only option for
    Mass tomorrow. Being this is the case and we have no other option to take this class,
    and I’m affraid to have my ready to pop wife run around like that, is it a sin
    to miss Mass tomorrow or does it fall into the sick/forced to work/bad weather
    category? Would love a priests take but please anyone chime in.

  8. Dan Hunter: I think you are laboring under the impression that my blog is a place where anyone can say anything he pleases. That is decidedly not the case.

  9. gravitas says:

    Father Z, you’re still up???

    Any help you can give on the Mass question above would be much apprecoated

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