Spinnin’ the Motu Proprio!

Remember when a dopey guy in a UK paper called people like me "Ultra-conservative ‘Tridentine’ Rite Spin Doctors"?

Over at Nihil Obstat we have taken the next step.  You have to love this DJ imagery! 

How to work this into a PODCAzT…. hmmm….



Too good! 

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  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    What’s the B side?

    “Ain’t nothing like the real thing”


  2. Cerimoniere says:

    Father, in your official capacity as a Tridentine Rite Spin-Doctor, what do you make of the Signor Palmo’s recent speculations? He has suggested that the Motu Proprio will enable the tradtional rite to be used only in private, with a numerical limit on the faithful who can attend, a provision that no parochial Masses be replaced. Most recently, he’s suggested that the whole thing will be for an experimental period of five years.

    Obviously, this must be speculation to some degree, unless he’s had a private audience lately, and my question invites you to do likewise. Still, do you think this is wishful thinking on the part of those who are still hoping to affect what the Holy Father does, or is there any reason to think that these rumours are accurate?

  3. RBrown says:

    From what I’ve heard and read, it won’t have a limit. In order to replace any regularly scheduled Novus Ordo, however, a minimum of 30 people would be required.

    Who knows what the document will say? But ONE reason for its promulgation seems to be to free up the masses of the SSPX in the Church so that there will be reunion with Rome. A restriction on their liturgy undermines any hope of reunion.

    Sed videbimus.

  4. afanco says:

    A picture so nice, you posted it twice.

  5. Brian says:

    How ’bout a good Motown-sounding band name?

    By Teddy and Theological Motards.?

    See http://universalindult.blogspot.com/ for visual aids.

    YOU can help prevent MOTARDational Development!

  6. John Polhamus says:

    How ’bout (with complete and utter respect and affection, “Johnny Z and the 45’s”? ;-)

    Hoping and Praying in San Diego, God bless the Pope & Fr. Z!!

  7. Brian says:

    “with complete and utter respect and affection”


    [The “Teddy and the Theological MOTards” wisecrack refers to Fr. Z’s opponets, not Fr. Z!!!]

  8. Whispers ,like John Allen,have always been saying the MP is a myth.Now bothof them admit it is real and coming.Whispers in the Loggia is usually reliable but I think it is off base on this.Why would the Pope issue the MP for a 5 year experiment unless he truly wanted to see what happens?And why then would the Pope who for a very long time was critical of the virtual suppression of the clasical roman rite byt Paul VI allow the possibility of himself suppressing it in 5 years? I am intrigued by the website of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales which claims to have (verified by the Ecclesia Dei commission) the universal indult JPII was going to issue until “persuaded”otherwise by the French bishops.It takes a different approach. It allows any priest to say Mass in Latin private or public and calls on bishops to have a latin mass in their cathedrals and major diocesan churches.A priest who would elect to say mass in latin has the right to choose either the missal of Paul VI,following its rubrics,or the Missal of John XXIII following its rubrics with the exception that the readings may be in the vernacular and the priest may add General Intercessions.

  9. gravitas says:

    Father McAfee! We’ve been talking about you in another string here.

    We saw your church bulletin on the new mass not being the mass the counsel fathers envisioned and how the pope
    may issue the MP in the next week or two.

    First, wow, that’s some writing for a church bulletin! Second, do you know anything we don’t know? You seemed, at least in one part of your writing, pretty certain it was coming in the next week or so.

  10. Alguien ha estado bebiendo demasiado vino! LOL!

  11. RC says:

    Incidentally, credit for this riff is due to Creer en Mexico. Bravo!

  12. I wonder if anyone has any opinion or knowledge as to how likely May 5th(in 2 days!!!!) really is, even Allen and Palmo are both predicting this day. First, I can’t remember the last important Papal document that came out on a Saturday, and second this would mean that it would be coming out right before the Holy Father’s trip to Brazil. This Pope has not travelled as much as the last Pontiff, so I doubt that he would want something distracting everyone from the point of his visit. Like what happened in Turkey, as we all of course remember very well. I was really expecting it last Monday(April 30th). Lastly, does anyone have any idea as to how it will be made public? Do you think it will be released out of nowhere by the Vatican? Or will news of it come out from the bishops who may get advanced warning before we all get our hands on it? This is certainly all very exciting stuff.

    God Bless!!

  13. Cerimoniere says:

    Mr. Brown and Fr. McAfee, I quite agree with you both. The reason that I was struck by what Mr. Palmo has had to say in the past few days is precisely because it was different from everything else that I had read. This could either be because he has somehow heard of a change of plan from a reliable source, or he has heard of some curial modernist’s wishful thinking.

    I am inclined to think the latter for the reasons that you say: such a change would make no sense with the Holy Father’s known views, it would carry very limited benefit in healing the rift with the SSPX, and the Pope is not the man to be intimidated into acting otherwise than as he thinks best.

  14. PMcGrath says:

    OK. For the non-Spanish speaker, what does “Ya Merito el Motu Proprio … Las Rumores de las 7 Colinas” mean?

  15. Cardinal Kasper said it best,that is the decision (about the MP) has been made and there is NOWAY anyone can change it.I dont buy into the thinking that the MP has to come out on a Tuesday because that is the day when all documents are released.Are they? I remember that the first indult came out of the blue with no announcement or press conference.The then American Bishops’ liturgistFr.Rotelle, an Augustinian I believe and no friend of the TLM,said that he dropped his cup of coffee when he read the news item in the Washington Post.I know that my own bishop,a good bishop but not one known for his love of the TLM and also Archbishop Wuerl of Washington,have been in contact with the FSSP.My bishop is going to have a workshop for priests who wish to learn the TLM.I believe that they have recieved something from the Pope-notthe actual MP but a forewarning that it is coming. I made the statement in my parish bulletin confidant of what Alice vonHidebrand said the Pope told her,that it would be in May(she corrected the story that he said May 5). But this Pope is awfully slow in acting and meeting his own deadlines e.g.the long awaited letter to Chinese Catholics was supposedto be released by Easter.I guess the Holy Father is being deliberate and believes what is more important than the MP are the reasons he gives for promulgating it.Whenever it comes noone will be surprised,he has taken so long that all opposition has reluctantly resigned themselves to it.So I would not be surprised if it came out before or during his trip.It would not be like the speech at regensburg which came as a surprise.This MP has been awaited for more than a year.

  16. gravitas says:

    Father M, two weeks ago, my first child received the traditional sacrament of baptism in the old rite in
    Washington, D.C. with the permission of the archbishop. This was the first traditional baptism in the archdiocese
    that was officially sanctioned by the diocese since vatican II. It took a lot of work but prayers were finally
    answered. I think we’re in for some good things to come. Needless to say, we were denied this in your diocese
    of Arlington. Luckily our parish is a shrine in D.C. where we are associate parishioners so we had two options.

  17. RC says:

    I think the Spanish bits are the ‘song title’:

    “It’s about time for the Motu Proprio:
    you tell me nothing but Yes,
    but you don’t tell me when”

    and the ‘performer’:

    “The Rumors of the 7 Hills”

  18. Yes PMcGrath, as RC said, the “song title” is something like “very soon” (dont know if “quite soon” is a good translation, maybe) or “subito” in italian.

    “You only tell me yes, but dont say when” is a part of a well know mexican song called “El son de la negra” (“the rythm of the black woman”)

    And the “performers” are the “Rumors of the 7 hills”

    Thanks for the credits RC.

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