Vale Valle!

I am really irritated about the fate of Valle Adurni, a very good blog of an English priest.  Here is the entry that has made my angry and sad (my emphases).


With the greatest sorrow, I have deleted my whole blog.

This is entirely due to the malicious action of a priest, who represented several posts and comments in the most destructive light possible in conversations with my parishioners, and has in this way—and others—poisoned relations with several of them. I will not give him further ammunition to hinder my work here in the Adur Valley, the spiritual good of whose people I am utterly committed to, and whom I commend to your prayers.

I am relieved to write that most of the parishioners who took the trouble to check out the veracity of this priest’s comments discovered them to be unfounded. More damage has been done among those without access to the internet, and among those who were led to see the posts in the light presented to them.

To all my friends (80.000+!) who have accompanied me over the last months, I thank you most warmly and will offer Mass for your intentions.

I also ask your prayers for myself, and of course for the priest concerned.

Postscript; Perhaps I should add that the deletion of this blog has nothing whatever to do with ICEL!


There is an old somewhat macaronic Latin adage based on the proverb Homo homini lupus … "Man is a wolf to man" or "Man treats other men as if he were a wolf, attacking, biting, etc.".   They say here in Rome:

Homo homini lupus
Mulier mulieri lupior
(Woman is more wolflike to other women.)
Sacerdos sacerdoti lupissimus  (Priests are most wolflike of all to other priests)

Of course nouns like lupus can’t correctly have comparative forms, but you get the drift.

Some of the worst suffering I have endured in life was caused by stupid, narrow minded and false priests.   Priests are members of the fallen human race like everyone else.  They also are subject to far more savage and subtle attacks from the Enemy.  When they fall, their fall is terrible: corruptio optimi pessima

I applaud the priest of Valle Adurni, whose name I won’t place here.  At the same time, I cannot say I am happy about his deleting his blog content.  I disagree with that decision, but I support him in his intention to cauterize the wounds caused by that clerical ficanaso.

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