A special Sour Grapes Award

Remarkably, I have not needed to bestow the Sour Grapes Award for a few days. Thanks!

Then I get this, via e-mail:

The Motu Mass Trap

Rev Anthony Cekada

Benedict XVI “liberates” the ’62 Missal. Welcome to his rainbow!

Positive aspects:
Admission of failure.
Removing the stigma.
Cause of division.
Warning flares for trads.
Rubbing priests’ noses in the New Mass.
Intro to the real issues.

Negative aspects:

Co-opted by modernist subjectivism.
Side chapel in an ecumenical church.
Catholic rituals, modernist doctrines.
Non-priests offering invalid Masses.

Part of a false religion.
Pure poison.

Okaaaaayyyy…. I think that qualifies!

The Sour Grapes Award

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  1. Fr. D says:

    Can’t we just all get along?

  2. dad29 says:

    Those letters were placed on windshields all around St. Stanislaus/Milwaukee during the Old Rite Mass this morning.

    If I read it correctly, Fr. Cekada is one of the three or four actual, real-live RC priests left on the face of the Earth.


    Good to know, I guess.

  3. Antonius says:

    No, Father Cekada is not with the Fraternity, he’s a sedevacantist under Bp. Sanborn. They are actually critics of the SSPX though usually not this nutty.
    Let’s recognize two things: there is an enormous amount of work to be done (MP aside), and there are many traps to avoid in the process.

  4. Alex says:

    Father Anthony Cekada was expelled from the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) more than 20 years ago, in 1983, for his sedevacantism (see the wikipedia article) and the refusal to implement the reforms in the Holy Week of Pope Pius XII demanded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre CSSp inside the SSPX.

    He is closely connected to the following sites:

    And the abbés Marchiset, Mr Ing. Dr. Th. Stopka and other sedevacantist authors who deny the validity of the revised 1968 Pontificale Romanum and the validity of the “New Mass of Paul VI alias Montini”.

    Unlike his other articles, Fr. Cekada (from Cincinatti, OH) this time not even made the effort to prove his assertions by references, which he normally does. In fact Cekada is not unreasonable on a human level. He does provide references for his allegations, unlike the “Fathers of traditio.com”. And why is Cekada so afraid anyway? Is it because of the CMRI debâcle with 20 ex-sedevacantist CMRI Sisters joining the Diocese of Spokane as a Religious Association last Friday July 6?

  5. Legisperitus says:

    Pray for him.

  6. Treat says:

    I believe that Fr. Cekada is actually a Cincinnatti Dolanite:


    While his comments are unsolicitous in the extreme, his group is, I believe, behind the quite useful breviary.net:


  7. Janet says:

    Let them have their sour grapes and eat them too! Slightly off-topic perhaps, but after attending a Trad. Latin Mass for the FIRST time today, I feel I’ve been a part of something so glorious and God-oriented! I hope and pray Birmingham sets up a TLM soon, because I can’t drive 5 hrs round trip but this once! It was worth it today, though. Still floating a few feet off the ground…. Deo gratias!

  8. Antonius says:

    Janet, haven’t you been to the Oratory yet?


    (The term ‘indult’ is no longer correct.)

  9. Janet says:

    Antonius: ah, sorry, wrong Birmingham. I’m in Birmingham Alabama. :-)

  10. Brian says:

    Looks like Rev. Cekada has a PODCAzt of his own on the Motu…


    Could the source of his bitterness be any clearer? Rev. Cekada wants to BE Fr. Z!!!

  11. dad29 says:

    Actually, Fr. Cekada was ordained in Milwaukee–he’s from the area–

    Although “ordained” in his case is a very tricky term, indeed.

  12. Scott says:

    Awwww, I thought maybe Fr. Thomas Reese would get the sour grapes award since he’s been running his mouth in opposition to the Summorum Pontificum all weekend long. ( Chicago Tribune, Reuters etc.. )

  13. Alex says:


    Fr. Cekada was ordained a priest in Switzerland in 1977 by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. As far as I know Milwaukee is not in the Helvetian Confederation. Rev. Cekada is undoubtedly a valid Roman Catholic priest, even if you do not like him being a validly ordained Roman Catholic priest. He remains a priest despite other factors.

    So ordained is not tricky at all. Rather, your questioning of Cekada’s ordination is tricky and false. Of course your statement is but an imitation of what Cekada would say about priests ordained in the new rite by e.g. a Cardinal Siri of Genoa.

  14. dcs says:

    I would not classify this as “sour grapes,” at least not according to the traditional definition. Rather, I would say it falls into the “unintentional comedy” category. The line about “pure poison” is really quite funny.

  15. Leo says:

    I think Alex is a bit right as Cekada usually posts some logical articles, especially concerning the Thuc consecrations issue.

    Really, when one thinks about it, it is in his best interest to post what he has posted on the MP, while it may not have all of the references, it is a little thought provoking.

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