Benedict XVI meets for Q&A with 400 priests

On SKY TG24 there is a good video in Italian on the meeting of the Pope with 400 priests of the region.  It was one of His Holiness’s usual conference style Q&A sessions, at which he is so brilliant.

He spoke, among other things, in response to a question about Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics of the need to form couples properly to begin with, so that they see marriage as the Church see it rather than the world.

He also said that the priest should not become "a burocrat of the sacred" but should behave like a priest, a pastor.  "Keep your feet on the ground, but eyes fixed on heaven.

Moreover, the Faith is a simple announcement not a "pack of complicated dogmas" even if our world is very complicated.

Here is a snip from the blog of the very good Andrea Tornielli.

Il parroco deve vivere a gire «da parroco» e non da «burocrate del sacro». Lo ha raccomandato stamattina Benedetto XVI rispondendo alla domanda di uno dei 400 preti delle diocesi di Belluno e Treviso, da lui incontrati ad Auronzo di Cadore. Nel colloquio, secondo quanto ha riferito padre Federico Lombardi, il direttore della Sala Stampa della Santa Sede, il Papa ha parlato anche dell’evoluzionismo affermando che «Non va posta un’alternativa assoluta tra l’evoluzione e l’esistenza del Dio creatore». «L’evoluzione c’è – ha aggiunto Benedetto XVI – ma non basta a spiegare le grandi domande, e a come si arriva alla persona umana e alla sua dignita». Per il Papa esiste una «ragione creatrice», in base alla quale occorre «vedere la grande armonia dell’universo».


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  1. Fr. Paul McDonald says:

    Dear Father and other experts reading this:

    Can a Parish Priest, without taking anything away from from the existing schedule in his parish, establish *motu proprio* a public celebration of the extraordinary use, even if no members of the faithful have requested it? It would not seem to be the spirit of Summorum to wish to forbid this, I think.

    Since most Parish Priests celebrate every day publicly, they really cannot say a private mass out of devotion, and would, in the case of a more demanding interpretation be excluded from every offering the traditional missal. That doesn’t seem right…

  2. D.D. says:

    The diocese of Vittorio Veneto (John Paul I’s first bishopric) is sandwiched between the dioceses of Belluno-Feltre and of Treviso.
    Any reason why weren’t its priests present?

  3. D.D. Before you get your undies in a twist, I am not sure that they weren’t present.

  4. Abouna,

    Are translations of these Q&A available on-line anywhere? I would very much enjoy reading them.



  5. D.D. says:

    I’d imagine the diocese would be named on the Vatican website if its priests were present.
    Anyway, let us pray that the Holy Spirit has pointed out to His Holiness, perhaps from those among the priests of Belluno, a priest of papa Luciani’s quality to lead vacant Vittorio Veneto as its bishop!

  6. Kevin says:

    Dear Fr. Z,

    The secular media’s version of our Holy Father’s meeting with 400 priests is
    vastly different compared to what the Catholic media has reported.

    Listen to Earth, Pope says

    Catholic World News: Pope speaks with priests on faith, reason, and Vatican II

    The secular version is, at times, very strange. Could it be that someone in the seular emdia , once again, made up a story that was false or misleading?

  7. Kevin says:

    Lol! “seular emdia” should be “secular media”!

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