Chillin’ the Veuve

On the deck, with the little steeple of the Sabine chapel in the background.

One bottle of the Widow is in the seau a glace, the other sits patiently on the MP itself (which remains under embargo until noon Rome time on 07-07-07).

The MP is under embargo, but the first bottle of the Widow is not!

(Thanks to Vincenzo, Official Photoshoper of WDTPRS)

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  1. James R. A. Brown says:


    Over the Widow.
    The MP is nice, too though. But I only have to wait 10 hours and 35 minutes more for that.

  2. Sid Cundiff says:

    I’m settling for Duval-Leroy

  3. Sid: Duval-Leroy

    I guess that’ll be okay.

    Any relation to Duval-Billy Bob?


  4. James R. A. Brown says:

    Yes, well, with my exuberant pay I’m going to indulge myself in some water.
    On the rocks.

    Try not to be -too- jealous, Nulla avaritia sine poena est!

  5. ray from mn says:

    Is tempting folks to covetousness with regard to the embargoed MP a mortal or a venial sin, Father?

  6. prof. Basto says:

    Interesting to note that there is a Roman Missal open on the Te igitur page
    next to the bottles of the Widow.

  7. Dan O says:

    Fr. Z,

    Since you have shown us the steeple why not pull out all the stops and bring the Z-cam back for a cameo appearance at least for the release of Summorum Pontificum?

  8. prof. Basto says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if on the day the Motu Proprio came into effect the Holy Father celebrated Mass according to the Missal of 1962 in St. Peter’s, or at least had such a Mass celebrated coram Summo Pontifice with the presence of faithful from the whole world attached to the Tridentine Liturgy?

    In the 25th year of his reign, Pope Jonh Paul II authorized Card. Castrillón to celebrate according to the Missal of 1962 in one of the Papal Basilicas as a way of involving the traditionalist communities of the whole world in the anniversary celebrations. Shouldn’t the organizations promoting the aspirations of those attached to the Traditional Liturgy now petition the Pope to celebrate Mass or have one celebrated in his presence according to the Missal of 1962?

    Wouldn’t this papal celebration be a great way of showing that the Missal of 1962 is not a pariah Missal in today’s Church?

  9. Christopher says:

    Hmm… If I just blow up the section with the MP a bit more with my ultra-super powered photoshop delux 40k, I should be able to read the lines.

    God bless you, Father.
    Holy Mary protect you.

  10. nab says:

    Ray, I don’t think he’s taunting us, I think he’s dispelling the claim that the only people who would object to the flaunting of the embargo (whether disobedient or not) by another Vatican watcher are people who don’t have the MP themselves.

  11. Ad Orientem says:

    From the East, I share your joy in this long awaited moment…


  12. Lynne says:

    Thank goodness you switched to a super hosting company. Hope they’re ready for the tidal wave tomorrow…

    Thanks for all you’re doing, Father.

  13. Aaron says:

    So EWTN is spilling the Motu news early too……. *doh*

  14. Janet says:

    Vincenzo: Excellent!!
    Just a thought, but perhaps you could add Fr. Z into the pic, sharing a toast with the Holy Father?

  15. danphunter1 says:

    You have a beautiful home up there.
    It must be a great joy for you to offer mass in your chapel and then walk out into your garden of eden.
    Father,will you have a large congregation for your first,”Motu Proprio”,mass, in that chapel?

  16. Dan O says:

    If you want to write to EWTN to express your outrage the e-mail is worldover@ewtn. I’m sure they have press credentials. They should be just as castigated as Rocco.

  17. Dan O says:

    Sorry, it should be

  18. Mike says:

    At 7 am Saturday morning, I plan to be at St. Francis de Sales Latin Rite Parish in Mableton GA, assisting at Mass with either Fr. Bouchard or Fr. Demet of the FSSP. God bless them, and Fr. Z., Christ’s Holy Church and us, everyone!

    Laus tibi, Christe!

  19. dan: A couple humans and the all glorious host of angels!

  20. Jenny Z says:

    Vincenzo, you never fail to crack me up :D

  21. Diane says:


    What, no ciiiigars???

    There has to be some smoke with that missal.

  22. Stephen says:

    I have, if you indulge, a nice Romeo and Julietta, Churchill size, I could drop into a FedEx box tomorrow. Where should I send it?

  23. Allison says:

    Father Z, we love you!

    To us, we think you look like the actor Kevin Spacey. You even seem to share the mysterious and
    multi-faceted aura of one of his greatest characters….KAISER SOZAY!

    We’ll be celebrating with a long saved Opus One…cheers!

  24. Diane says:

    Haaaa – Vincenzo!

    I like the one I clicked on. You had to know Fr. Z had a few strings and that link below the photo you posted proves the point!

  25. Aaron says:

    -Pope St. Pius X looking down from heaven at the emerging fruits of the MP.

  26. Diane: Maybe after the Veuve.   Delicate stuff, you know.  

  27. TAAD says:

    I can’t see where EWTN released anything on the MP? Why pick on them?

  28. Dan O says:


    EWTN has a program on at 8pm eastern time discussing all the fine points of the motu proprio. I just don’t like picking on the liberal Rocco and giving a pass to the conservative EWTN. I think they are just as culpable.

  29. Red Cardigan says:

    A little less than seven hours to go!!!


  30. Jonathan Bennett says:

    Well, tomorrow I’m working all day, but I’ll sing a Te Deum when I get home ;)

  31. Jordan Potter says:

    Yes, neither Rocco nor EWTN should have disregarded the embargo ( even if Rocco is EWTN’s source).

  32. Mj says:

    I can’t wait to see a Papal Mass with the Traditional form. Thank You Benedict the Great! Being under 40 and having just attented a Latin High Mass two Sundays ago (after attending an English mass on Saturday at 4:30)in Kansas City- I saw the difference,especially in the prayerfulness and seriousness of those assembled. The church was beautiful for the Latin mass, full whereas the other place of worship was like a spaceship and lacking any clear reference point more like a theater. It is still valid but it could use some fine tuning. I know many will find it difficult to understand why the older form is needed but they just need to look at the empty pews, lacking the young, men. I hope New Englanders embrace this motu proprio and the gift that it is to the world.

  33. Vincenzo says:

    NLM: EWTN special on the Motu Proprio on Monday

    Discussion with “Most Rev. Fabian Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska, Monsignor James Moroney, Executive Director of the USCCB Secretariat for the Liturgy, Fr. Kenneth Baker, SJ, Editor of Homiletic & Pastoral Review, Most Rev. Thomas G. Doran, Bishop of Rockford, Illinois, Fr. George Gabet, FSSP, North American District Superior of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.”

    JULY 9, 9 PM”

  34. Jeff says:

    The MP is not “under embargo.”

    “Under embargo” is a journalistic term of art. It means that if a source gives you something–information or a document–he can request that it not be released until a certain time as a quid pro quo. “I’ll give you this tidbit on condition that you not use it til tomorrow.” That’s an embargo.

    Such an embargo is simply inapplicable to anyone who gets the information in any other way.

    If you are a journalist who received the MP from the Vatican Press office at 9AM Saturday, you are asked on your honor not to republish it til Noon. That’s all.

    The Vatican Press Office made this request and they would not be foolish enough to demand that if a journalist receives a leak, he must not republish the document. If they were foolish enough to make such a demand (totally at odds with journalistic ethics), they would not refer to it as an “embargo.”


  35. Pius VII says:

    Lol, that EWTN program isn’t going to show until 2 days after the MP is published. They’re not breaking any embargos (I don’t think…).

  36. nab says:

    No, Rose, apparently it was on this evening, the embargo is for tomorrow at noon Rome time. I did not see it, so I can’t comment.
    My comment about Rocco Palma was less directed at his commentary on the MP (which I did object to as much as I object to much American journalism–the desire for the scoop often cuts off common sense and charity) and more on his defense of his right to do what he did. If you think you’re in the right, don’t defend yourself and slam the people who might disagree with your approach.
    I’m sorry if I started off a firestorm…unintentional I assure you.

  37. nab says:

    Jeff, I agree, as far as journalistic ethics goes he’s done nothing wrong. However, knowing the roll out as everyone has for days now, charity would say to observe the spirit of the request that everyone else will be asked to make, regardless of what you have or have not promised. (Not to mention, you make your source look bad…and you may not get information again.)

  38. JesusFreak84 says:

    I was also quite upset with EWTN covering the MP tonight (last night by now, I guess.) Even if the embargo was already broken, that didn’t mean they could go all over on it. I wonder if they did get any calls or e-mails during the show about it.

    And yet I’ll still watch their special on Monday. Because there is literally nothing else worth watching on television. Ah well.

  39. Anthony English says:

    Looks like the morning sun is behind the Holy Father. Why does he have his back to the East?

  40. Pedro says:

    can we forget the whole embargo thing now? It’s almost time to celebrate!

    Two hours and a half!!

  41. Irulats says:


    Go easy on the veuve till you’re satisfied with your translation. We want to know,



  42. Legisperitus says:


    Forget “the Great.” If everything we’ve hoped for is true, nothing less than “Benedict the Magnificent” will suit.

  43. John Brown says:

    40 more minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Hooray!

    Does anyone know where to find the MP on-line?



  45. Syriacus says:

    At noon, I will be at the Post Office to pay some bills… by means of what we call ‘bollettino’ . Exactly like the (Vatican) bulletin…

    (which I’ll open thereafter) .

    Prima il dovere, poi il piacere… ;-)

  46. swmichigancatholic says:

    Good morning! Breakfast in hand, I’m ready. The vatican website is still up and running. =)

  47. Bene!

    But…I cannot read Italian!

    Will the translations come out at the same time?


  48. Irulats says:

    It’s up.

  49. Sean says:

    God bless the Holy Father…Benedict the Great!

  50. God grant His Holiness, Benedict XVI, Pope of Rome, health and long life for many happy and blessed years!

    My hunch is that 7-7-7 will be remembered historically as the Latin Church’s “Triumph of Orthodoxy”.

    In ICXC,


  51. God grant His Holiness, Benedict XVI, Pope of Rome, health and long life for many happy and blessed years!

    My hunch is that 7-7-7 will be remembered historically as the Latin Church’s “Triumph of Orthodoxy”.

    In ICXC,


  52. Dan O says:

    To Jeff,
    Your distinctions about embargo do not hold any water with me. Surely Raymond Arroyo is a credentialed Vatican correspondent. He should have waited until the proper hour to release detailed info about the motu proprio. As Fr. Z said about Rocco. Shame. Shame on him. I am somewhat disappointed that Fr. Z did not say this himself.

    As to your final word. It is infact a modern taking of Jesus’ name in vain. I think you could find better ways to express your frustration.
    See the following for details.
    “sheesh.” The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004. 07 Jul. 2007. .

    To Pius VII,
    I’m not sure what you are laughing about. If you followed the thread, the 9PM show on Monday is not the one being discussed. EWTN had a show on Friday night several hours before the Vatican released the motu proprio. Just because they are conservative doesn’t give them a free pass.

  53. Edmund (visitor from the hermeneutic of continuity) says:

    I think that Papa Benedict is even more amazing that we all thought – he seems to have poured himself a glass of your Veuve without uncorking either bottle.

  54. Dan O says:

    Sorry but I just noticed that the link I meant to include in my comment above seems to have vanished. Here it is now.

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