“…the one true airline…”

This just in from Cacciaguida:

National airline for the Holy See…


"Ultramontane" was never like this!

* three cabins: first, business, and preferential option
* all seats in first class are The Comfy Chair
* unjust stewardesses
* MP6 on every longhaul flight; MBJ23 in first class
* airport lounge for our Golden Chalice members
* currency exchange: pray for the conversion of your money
* free headset and rosary
* your captain: Pontius Pilot (kidding!)
* connect to the "Passetto" at Fiumicino for quick ground transport into Vatican City
* direct flights from Boston and San Francisco
* first Catholic plane at Heathrow since Reformation
* service to China expected soon
* confessors available to help with your "baggage"
* emergency procedures include absolution
* Keep in mind that the nearest holy water font may be behind you.
* planes by Boeing; nobis quoque pick up Airibus
* Swiss Guards on every flight, halberds at the ready (we’ve never seen a hijacker who wanted to be the beheadee rather than the beheader)
* the one true airline!

Call Bonnie Voluntatis or Jenny Torre at EtCumSpirit 220.

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  1. RichR says:


    I don’t get the one that says:

    MP6 on every longhaul flight; MBJ23 in first class

  2. Marcin says:


    It’s Paul VI and Blessed John XXIII, but I didn’t figure out the “M”, yet. They should be “P” for Papa, not Mama…

    Comfy Chair for Confiteor. It’s all hilarious!

  3. aeneas says:

    Perhaps the M is for Mass. Mass of Paul the 6 on every long haul flight; Mass of Blessed John the 23 in first class.

  4. Marysann says:

    Father, my brother, a pre-Vatican II altarboy, told my sons that “Et cum spiri 220” was the Pope’s phone number! Now I find out that it is some airline!

  5. Funny, but not as funny as “the Curmudgeoun’s” new Coke/Coke classic “press release” this weekend (http://curmudgeonkc.blogspot.com/2007/07/hey-dude-where-in-this-store-do-you.html)…

  6. Raymundus says:

    Wow…it’s not often jokes like this leave me speechless. :) Simple stunning.

  7. damien goodwin says:

    verrrrrrrrrrry humorous—you really should be on saturday night live–the catholic edition!!!!!!

  8. Cacciaguida says:

    “MP6” stands for “Missal of Paul VI,” and “MBJ23” for “Missal of Blessed John XXIII,” these being (pretty close to) the way the Holy Father, in the Motu Proprio, encourages us to refer to the Novus Ordo and the Tridentine Mass, respectively.

    I hesitated about implying that the old Mass is only for first class passengers, but I kept it in on the theory that it’s a first-class liturgy.

    Many thanks to Fr. John for the link!

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