YouTube video in Italian on the Motu Proprio

For those of you who understand spoken Italian, there is a nice video on YouTube, which I can recommend both for the information it coveys and its balanced tone.


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  1. Joey says:

    If I am not mistaken, is not the Mass footage shown in the video from an SSPX Mass?

  2. Jeff says:

    I really liked this clip. Perhaps there can be some short videos made to assist priests in learning the Mass that are actually made with teaching the Mass in mind for those who are far from a place where they can learn it. I hope this guy does more videos. Do you know who he is Fr. Z? Thanks, Jeffry T

  3. Ted says:

    Very interesting that the video of the Mass in the window next to the speaker is that from St Nicolas du Chardonnet in Paris, filmed on the last Sunday after Pentecost. The “parish” has a most interesting recent history in so far as it a SSPX church. The well done video of this Mass is widely available on the Internet, by the way.

  4. Serafino says:

    Sono d’accordo cento per cento con tutto quello che ha detto don Andrea. Lui ha proprio ragione! Magari, se parlassero cosi’ bene dei vescovi americani!

  5. elizabeth mckernan says:

    I am confused! If the video in the background is indeed from the church of Nicolas de Chardonnet I am not sure why it was chosen to accompany the main video. I understand that this church has been ‘occupied’ by the Lefebristes for many years. The archbishop was excommunicated and his followers banished the local priest of the parish to take over the church. I have not yet seen any comments from them regarding the Motu Proprio. I have only been inside this church once and felt very uncomfortable knowing its history but at the same time it brought back memories of churches before the ‘changes.’ Confusion all round!

  6. I think it is possible to be overly picky.

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