PRAYERCAzT 14: 4th Sunday of Advent – 1962 Missale Romanum

Welcome to another installment of What Does the Prayer Really Sound Like? 

Today we will hear the prayers for the 4th Sunday of Advent in the 1962 Missale Romanum.  I speak all the prayers and readings and also sing the Collect and Post Communion prayers in the Solemn Tone.

If priests who are learning to say the older form of Holy Mass can get these prayers in their ears, they will be able to pray them with more confidence. So, priests are my very first concern. 

However, these audio projects can be of great help to lay people who attend Holy Mass in the Traditional, or extraordinary form: by listening to them ahead of time, and becoming familiar with the sound of the before attending Mass, they will be more receptive to the content of the prayers and be aided in their full, conscious and active participation.

My pronunciation of Latin is going to betray something of my nationality, of course. Men who have as their mother tongue something other than English will sound a little different.  However, we are told that the standard for the pronunciation of Latin in church is the way it is spoken in Rome.  Since I have spent a lot of time in Rome, you can be pretty sure my accent will not be too far off the mark.

I deliver them at a slower pace than I would ordinarily during Mass.  But hopefully the pace will help you hear the words a little more clearly.

If this was useful to you, let your priest friends know this resource is available.  And kindly make a little donation using the donation button on the left side bar of the blog or or by clicking here.  This is a labor of love, but those donations really help.  And don’t forget to check out the PODCAzTs!

Pray for me, listen carefully, and practice practice practice.

I am not able to tell how many might be using this project from iTunes, but my podpress plugin is shows results for downloads.



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  1. John Gordon says:

    I’m just looking for a little help here… I had been downloading the prayers and putting them on a CD for my daughter and I to listen to while we drive to her weekly pipe organ lessons. This set (and I think the last) doesn’t have the download link… At least not where I can see it. I installed I-tunes and subscribed to your group on I-Tunes, but nothing shows up in the playlist. Anyone have any hints? My daughter loves listening to the Latin and I do as well and I (almost) impress myself with how much I can understand since it’s been 35 years since I took Latin…

    Thanks. And Father Z, you are in our family’s prayers for your important work.


    p.s. I’m the one who just paypalled you for a whopping 1 cent a year.

  2. WDTPRSr says:

    Does the plugin take into account those who use the embedded player rather than downloading it to i tunes or the computer? If not, you should definatly take that into account.

  3. The download function is back.

  4. John Gordon says:

    Thank you Father! and add another to the download counts.


  5. Rudy B says:

    Thank you so much for these projects, Father! A celebration of the TLM is a long way away in my home diocese, so thank you for giving me relief from this parched desert of poorly celebrated N.O.’s. God bless!

  6. Thanks for that. However, it is hard to see them continuing.

  7. Fr Renzo di Lorenzo says:

    Fr Z said: “However, it is hard to see them continuing.”

    In that case, Fr Z, before things come to a halt,
    why not get some help to edit a multi-camera *.mp4 or *.mov (downloadable) of:

    1. Low Mass
    2. High Mass

    There are many things on the internet, but not with the emphasis on “Say the black; Do the red.” Even the SSPX dvd is a pre-1962 rendition. The point would not be the same as the SSPX, with their examples of common mistakes, etc., but would be the Mass as it is. This would be especially helpful to demonstrate the differences from simple version (Low Mass) and the full version (High Mass). As it is, many internet versions are simply hybrid Masses, with, for example, offertory prayers lasting no more than thirty seconds, a feat even for N.O. Masses.

    These videos that may be possible for you to do, together with a library of what what you’ve already done, should be more than enough. But even with these, perhaps another WDTPRSr could take up this part of the apostolate in the same way that you’ve done it, sending you the results to post.

    Just some suggestions, meaning, I like what you’re doing for the Church.

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