Results of the Ugliest Vestment contest are in

Be sure to visit The Crescat to see the results of the Ugliest Vestment poll.

The one I voted for won…. or is it lost.  

You decide.

These things must be seen to be believed.

Make the some popcorn and share the moment with a friend.

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  1. RJackson says:

    “Vestment” is a little too strong methinks.

  2. Diffal says:

    With the possible exeption of The Cardinal: Oh Dear!! Catholic you Say?

  3. Derik Castillo says:

    Oh my dear Jesus… we need so much of you!
    Please come to our souls, come as soon as
    you can.

  4. Timothy James says:

    I agree with RJackson, at least the first set, I don’t think can properly be called vestments. A sort of cloak or garment…. maybe an exalted blanket with a hole in it, not vestments.

    How about a most beautiful vestments contest on WDTPRS?

  5. Maria says:

    Here, here! to the most beautiful vestment contest idea.

  6. Timothy Clint says:

    I have seen plenty of ugly vestments in my life but what really iritates me is seeing the stole on top of the Chasuable. Can any one explain why European churches don’t use candle followers? Have seen many photos of ceremonies in churches across the pond and the candles appear to burn very poorly with wax dripping everywhere.

    Thanks for your comments.

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