Request for information: San Francisco on Summorum Pontificum

I understand there is an article in the archdiocesan newspaper for San Francisco explaining that norms have been issued for the Archdiocese.  Also, that article was posted on the website of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. 

The article says that the norms have been sent to the priests.

I would very much like to see a copy.

"But Father! But Father!", you might be saying.  "Isn’t the article enough?  Why do you want to see the norms?"

Here’s why.

The article says (my emphases):


Focusing primarily on celebration of the Mass, although other sacraments are mentioned, the new local regulations spell out requirements for clerical competency in the pre – conciliar form of the Eucharistic liturgy and provide some specifics on pastoral questions. The norms, for example:

Require that archdiocesan priests "give evidence of their ability with the Latin language as well as adequate knowledge of the rubrics for the proper celebration according to the 1962 missal " before they may celebrate in the older form; a priest not of the Archdiocese is required to "provide an authentic letter of good standing "and assurance of liturgical competency from his bishop or religious superior to the archdiocesan vicar for clergy or chancellor; Define " stable group " of parishioners who may seek a regular celebration of the Mass in the extraordinary form as 30 persons" in the same location and in an ongoing manner. "


This excerpt from the article about the norms suggests some desire to place limitations on the provisions of the Supreme Pontiff which are now in force. 

However… it would be good to see the norms.

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