Hilarious left turn at The Shrine

The Whapping Shriners have a really funny pic:

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  1. S in Severn says:

    I can only hope for more signs like this one. Now from the other direction is it RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT?

  2. RosieC says:

    I’ve often been told that whether a person likes the Ordinary Form or Extraordinary Form Mass has nothing to do with their political preferences…

  3. elizabeth mckernan says:

    An unusual sign. I like the significance that once you have decided to take the road to the Latin Mass, there is no turning back!

  4. PAT says:

    It’s not a political right/left thing. It’s that “all signs point to the Latin Mass.” Even the traffic signal.

  5. David O'Rourke says:

    Rosie C is absolutely right! I am a strong supporter of the Extraordinary Use and highly dubious about Reform of the Reform but at the same time I am relatively left wing in my politics except on the so-called Social Issues.

  6. Mary Rose says:

    Funny! When I read it, it seemed as though it was saying, “Latin Mass. You Know You Want It.”

  7. RichR says:

    Typical of post-conciliar Catholicism: it’s not the words that we read, but rather the interpretation of the words that causes the confusion

    ;-) JK

  8. Derik Castillo says:

    If the traffic light is green for turning towards the Latin Mass, does that mean there is a red light for the Ordinary form?

  9. Mary Rose: “Latin Mass. You Know You Want It.”

    LOL! Excellent.

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