How do you plan to celebrate 7 July?

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  1. William of the Old says:

    Is that vintage or non-vintage Veuve Clicquot?

  2. William: Better… was that vintage.

    It was.

  3. Wm. Christopher Hoag says:

    I plan to engage in a bottle-to-mouth, hops-based activity that will later require I receive the Sacrament of Penance according to Article 9 of the motu proprio!

  4. prof. basto says:

    (i)Reading the Document on the Document that I hope will be issued on the anniversary; (ii) attending billingual Latin / Portuguese Novus Ordo, since, thanks to the fear that Rio de Janeiro priests have vis a vis our Cardinal Scheid, there is no TLM near me; (iii) going to dinner and drinking a good Brunello di Montalcino, as a special expenditure in celebration of the Motu Proprio.

  5. sacredosinaeternum says:

    by celebrating a TLM in his honor!!!

  6. Mr. WAC says:

    Stag party with fellow young traddies in the DC area.

    Details available upon request.

    Mr. WAC

  7. dominus vobiscum says:

    Usque ad hilaritatem.

  8. Attending a TLM in his honor

  9. Crux Australis says:

    Champagne bottles & glasses sorrounding the Missale Romanum?

  10. Ouch says:

    I was thrown for a loop by the question (before I saw the picture of the Holy Father) because in the UK, “7 July” or “7/7” is shorthand for “the London bombings”. It’s as though S.P. had been issued on 11 Sep 07, and he had written “How do you plan to celebrate September 11?”

    I’m not asking Fr. Z to edit his post. But it evokes a very different gut reaction from “How do you plan to celebrate the first anniversary of Summorum Pontificum?”

    Anyway, I will celebrate by attending Holy Mass and praying that the bishops will respond generously to their people’s pleas for the TLM. Vivat il Papa!

  11. Limbo says:

    Well I’d like to be able to go to Mass and thank God for Pope Benedict, but the news of Summorum Pontificum hasn’t been taken seriously in our diocese.

  12. Denis says:

    I’ll be in Rome; any TLMs there? Heard that their might be…

  13. Phil says:

    Question: would this be one of the cases where Fr. Z. endorses concelebration? ;)

    Or does that depend on the capacity of the bottle(s)?

  14. Father Bartoloma says:

    “How do you plan to celebrate 7 July?”

    – Shut my eyes, hold my breath, and celebrate the Novus Ordo that I’m scheduled for that morning.

  15. Abe Tolemahcs says:

    I would like to be celebrating Bishop Loverde finally taking the necessary measures to provide for
    the regularly scheduled celebration of the Extraordinary Form in the southern region of his diocese but that does not appear likely to occur by 7 July.
    There is a priest fully capable and eager to celebrate this mass but he is essentially being told “Not in my parish” by his pastor. There is of course the possibility that something will change between now and then but it looks like I won’t be opening my celebratory
    bottle of “Deus” beer any time soon.

  16. RichR says:

    I plan to be doing a lot of crown and bridge on my dental patients that day (so says my schedule). After that, a toast of Scotch while reading Klaus Gamber’s Reform of the Roman Liturgy.

  17. RichR: Klaus Gamber’s Reform of the Roman Liturgy

    A very good choice!

  18. RichR says:

    FrZ: I got it for Father’s Day.

  19. Jackie says:

    Abe Tolemahcs- I totally understand. Im down near Fredericksburg and the closest EF is still almost an hour away. Its sad that for the most part our diocese is so great but with the EF we are lacking.

  20. Peggy says:

    ABe T and Jackie:

    Do you have any “intelligence” regarding a couple of parishes near Stafford/Triangle:
    -St William of York (Stafford) (sounds very orthodox)
    -St Francis of Assissi (Triangle) (said to be rather progressive)

    I’m from NoVa and have a friend moving down that way. You can email me at plr0617@gmail.com.


  21. Mitch says:

    Try and find a TLM at a non SSPX chapel that isnt at 5am. Tricky in my parts. I can go to CMRI or SSPX daily Mass that day at reasonable times, but I have to go at a very Godly hour for Monks and a horribly ungodly hour for us laity if I want to go to a regularized chapel/parish for a daily TLM. So we shall see.

  22. roydosan says:

    I concur with ‘Ouch’ – please change the title so as not to cause (unintended) offence.

  23. Abe Tolemahcs says:

    I’ll email you off line at the eddress you provided.
    To say St Francis is progressive is an understatement.
    St WmoY is not nearly as heterodox as St Francis but they’re not likely to
    see the EFL there either in the near future. There is not a lot of
    interest among the parishoners there but they don’t know what they don’t
    I’ve been here for 11 years and my “intell” on this area of the diocese as
    well as my involvement in trying to get the EFL celebrated here on a
    regularly scheduled basis is quite extensive.

  24. Abe Tolemahcs says:

    I’ll email you off line at the eddress you provided.
    To say St Francis is progressive is an understatement.
    St WmoY is not nearly as heterodox as St Francis but they\’re not likely to
    see the EFL there either in the near future. There is not a lot of
    interest among the parishoners there but they don\’t know what they don\’t
    I’ve been here for 11 years and my \”intell\” on this area of the diocese as
    well as my involvement in trying to get the EFL celebrated here on a
    regularly scheduled basis is quite extensive.

  25. EDG says:

    Fast and pray for my local ordinary, Bp Victor Galeone.

  26. Miseno says:

    I will do a ritual dance around a burning pile of Pax vestments and “Glory and Praise” hymnals while blasting Motzart’s Requiem Mass.

  27. JML says:

    Shouldn’t His Holiness be on the other side of the table facing the wine & The Book? :)

  28. Jackie says:

    I agree with abe. St william will not have EF anytime soon, but it is a orthodox parish. I ahev been a parishoner for some 15 years. Its nothing special as a parish, but its a good parish by all means. We are getting two new priests next week so the future is unknown. Maybe our new pastor will ike the EF. We can only pray…

  29. Peggy says:

    Thanks for the prelim intel. I look forward to an email.
    Wm of York sounded pretty orthodox from the web site content. You never can tell…

  30. Dove says:

    Here is a link to the fssp site showing Mass times at their new Church in Rome, Ss Trinita dei Pellegrini, a beautiful church. Daily Mass at 6:30 PM, Sundays 9 AM, 10 AM and 6:30 PM.

  31. Corripe Cervisiam! says:

    I live in Portland, Oregon (deep in the heart of “OCP” – Non Gradus Anus Rodentum!) insert ominous organ chord here. Sooooo…. after attending an Latin NO at Holy Rosary I will go and penetrate that citadel of Tabletistas (OCP – Mellita, domi adsum!) and tastefully place a medal of St. Joseph in a non conspicuous location (sine labore nihil). Then… I shall return to my cell to read Jonathan Robinson’s The Mass And Modernity: Walking to Heaven Backward while enjoying some champagne from my last trip to France. Ridentem dicere verum quid vetat?!

    Our Lady of Good Liturgy, pray for us!

  32. elizabeth mckernan says:

    Yes I agree with Ouch – for us in Britain this date brings back the horror which many of us felt at the time of the London bombings. One of my sons is a fireman in London (last year he took part in the Tunnel to Towers run in New York) and I had to wait several hours before he was able to contact me to let me know he was OK.

  33. Alli says:

    I will be celebrating like I celebrated last year… with a bottle of champagne.

    And, it being a Monday, I will have just attended the monthly TLM (“Gregorian Mass”?) at our diocesan cathedral.

  34. Jayna says:

    Given that I’m a poor grad student there will be no champagne, unless you include the Champagne of Beers, but at $4.50 for a six-pack, it’s hardly in your league, Father. I will also be attending mass on Monday, though at my home parish because, once again, that whole being poor thing means I can’t afford the gas to make it down to the FSSP parish in the diocese.

  35. Calleva says:

    I joined the Latin Mass Society in the aftermath of Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos’ Mass at Westminster Cathedral last Saturday. I will scour their list of TLMs to see if there are any locally. I doubt it though.

    I could go to Farnborough Abbey and attend their liturgy. In any case prayers will be said for Pope Benedict, may his papacy be longer than the Tabletistas are banking on.

    Thanks, Fr Z, for suggesting we mark this anniversary.

    I concur with others here who have suggested that ‘celebrating July 7th’ isn’t very helpful as a title. We suffered a terrorist attack on that day.

  36. Abe Tolemahcs says:

    I’d like to throw this question out to everyone here in regards to our
    issue of the EFL here in the Diocese of Arlington Va.
    Our specific issue is a pastor who is absolutely refusing to allow his
    parochial vicar to publicly celebrate the EFL in his own parish.
    We have sent numerous letters to this pastor and other pastors in our area
    to the bishop, to Ecclesia Dei and to the Papal Nuncio.
    We’ve never received a single written response to our issues here, not even
    one. We’ve even sent follow up letters asking for a response and still
    I want to reiterate that we have a priest who is capable of celebrating the
    EFL and who VERY much wants to celebrate it for all of us who desire it.
    Not that numbers really matter as far as S.P is concerned but we have well
    over 100 Catholics who desire this mass here. Some Catholics have spoken to
    the pastor(s) personally and still we are told no. The parochial Vicar
    of the parish in question here has spoken to his pastor on numerous
    ocassions VERY recently and he is still told no, “You may not use my parish
    to celebrate the EFL.”
    Now, in light of Cardinal Hoyos most recent comments that the EFL will be in
    every parish, to include those where the pastor is resisting this by pushing his specific
    agenda we are left to wonder why situations like this are still allowed to
    occur. Cardinal Hoyos comments were VERY clear to me and I think to everyone
    else as well except for those obdurate clerics who are determined to resist
    this to the bloody end.

    There are NO other obstacles to this PV celebrating the EFL here; none.
    I know all the details of this situation here and I am beyond frustration
    as I try to not only comprehend why this is still happening here but why no
    one has answered our concerns.

    I/we’ve done everything we were told to do and we are quickly approaching
    the one year anniversary of S.P. I genuinely did not think we would still
    be in this situation on the one year anniversary of S.P.
    While there are other ways of addressing our desires for the EFL here,
    justice demands that the issue of this PV being prohibited from publicly
    celebrating the EFL in his own pariswh be addressed first.

    I’m am open to all suggestions and if you’d like to discuss this off-line
    I’d be glad to do that as well.

    Thank you

  37. Shirley says:

    A first time commenter here. Anyway, I’ll celebrate July 7th hopefully through attending a TLM (a travel distance of around 45 kms from where I live). And that of SUCCESSFULLY completing my reading of then Card. Ratzinger’s (now Pope Benedict’s) “The Spirit of the Liturgy” loaned to me by a friend.

    Then on to borrowing another batch of book(s) namely, “The Heresy of Formlessness” or “Introduction to Christianity”. Ah. What bliss XD

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