Bp. Egger of Bressanone

In the "we do not know the day or moment" category, I just learned that the bishop who hosted the Holy Father in Bressanone just died.

His Excellency Most REverend Wilhelm Egger


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  1. Matt Q says:

    May he rest in Christ’s peace.

    Any word on the cause?

  2. Fr. BJ says:

    What an honor, to have hosted the Holy Father before one’s death. May the Lord grant Bp. Egger eternal life.

  3. Jon says:

    May he rest in peace.

    Because I know placing it here will garner prayers for his soul, I think it appropriate that I might mention that I learned last night that my old high school principal, Father David J. Scheider, priest of the Diocese of Buffalo, died on Saturday.

    Father was much loved by the community in which he served, my hometown, of Batavia, New York, during his nearly 60 years of priesthood. He was a graduate of Annapolis Naval Academy before entering seminary, and was aboard the ship that brought the Japanese signatories to the USS Missouri to surrender to General MacArthur at the end of World War II. That was a story.

    Like all who were his students during his long tenure as principal, I loved him dearly. Whenever visiting “back home” I would attend Mass at his parish. Afterward, while filing out of church, he would see me, call my name, throw his arms around me, and bless my wife and children.

    Father went out for a walk on Saturday. Afterward he sat down to read the paper, and quietly “fell asleep in Christ.”

    At 84, he was still an active pastor and sole priest at Holy Name of Mary parish, East Pembroke, New York.

    Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat eis.

  4. Jenny Z says:

    Oh my, how sudden…

    Praying for the repose of his soul.

  5. Brian2 says:

    That explains the strange and disturbing e-mail I recieved today saying that the Pope had died.

  6. Ad Orientem says:

    How very sad. May his memory be eternal!


  7. techno_aesthete says:

    Pope Benedict XVI mentioned it after his Angelus address on Sunday.

  8. Mairead says:

    Requiescat in pace

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