14 Oct: S. St. Paul, St. Augustine’s – The Argument

I will be engaging in "The Argument" at St. Augustine’s Church in St. St. Paul.

This event is for men only.

I will be speaking to issues surrounding the assertion:

Detail’s may be sought from the parish.

I understand that the evening includes a meal of several courses and the cost is $12.

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  1. John Hudson says:

    Why men only?

  2. Scott W. says:

    Will it be recorded or a transcript made available?

  3. John: Because that is what they want.

  4. Mike M says:

    All Argument of the Month (AOTM) events are recorded (audio only). The CDs for previous talks are available at AOTM events. For details regarding AOTM, see here: http://www.aotmclub.com/

    We’re looking forward to tonight!

  5. ray from mn says:

    “Why men only?”

    Most parish events, the only men that show up are husbands, dragged by their wives. The AOTM, with a ten year history, regularly draws anywhere from 100 to 250 or more men, once a month, eight times a year.

    These men are of all ages, from many parishes, and are possessed of many opinions and they are not afraid to express them or ask probing questions of the speakers. Not a few priests and seminarians (who get in free)are willing participants.

    One of the major attractions, besides dynamic speakers like Father Z, is a menu laden with “guy food”, stuffed chock full of calories. No leafy arugula or jello salads. Attendees are asked to not bring their diet books and calorie-counters. Bountiful refreshing beverages are also provided.

    The cost of the CDs of the evening’s presentation is a nominal $5.

  6. G says:

    It’s because those XY bullies want to keep the brats and the Beer Cheese Bread Dip all to themselves…

    Seriously, it sounds like a great idea, more power to them and to their parish.

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

  7. Chris M says:

    I note that the parish has a Catholic Women’s organization. Anyone want to start whining about it not being available to men? No? Ok, let’s move on, folks. Geez.

  8. puella says:

    Probably the way I read things, but it wasn’t til I read ray from mn’s comment that it began making sense. With that extra information I can see it’s a good idea, and it certainly seems to work for this parish.

    (although I wouldn’t mind going to a parish evening where I could eat lots of food and not worry about calories!)

  9. David Osterloh says:

    is there a site giving instructions on how to start one of these, besides the fact that it sounds like a hoot, the idea of men only appeals to me, mixed groups seem to have the effect of a poke in the ribs and being told to be quiet. besides the food sounds absolutely heavenly.

  10. Kradcliffe says:

    Men are constantly harassed and emasculated, especially in the Church. It is rare to find a woman who will voluntarily encourage her husband to go out and relax in the company of other men. So, most venues for masculine camaraderie tend to be seedy – bars and such. They’re consigned to liminal spaces. Too many families and parishes allow women to take over the entire spiritual side of life.

    Also, men need to be free to express themselves in masculine language and terms, without worrying about how they appear to women. I’m not talking about cussin’ and spittin’ or anything like that… I just mean that men should feel at ease being purely masculine.

    It used to be that men and women had separate spheres. Now, women invade the secular work place and insist on being included everywhere on equal footing. This usually means feminizing things in order to accommodate women.

  11. Marie says:

    The men’s group is a great idea, as men are the most needy and least well-served group in most Catholic parishes. But I have to say that the AOTM group sounds like a lot more fun than the Women’s Council.

  12. Kradcliffe says:

    Marie, I had the exact same thought! Just because I think men should go have fun without wimminfolk, doesn’t mean I can’t be jealous!

  13. richard says:

    detail’s??? Father, you must get a grip on your apostrophes. Plurals do not have them.

  14. LarryD says:

    My parish in Lake Orion MI (St Joseph’s) has a similar mens’ group, called Bravehearts, which puts on monthly events. Our next two scheduled events are at our parish website – one this upcoming Saturday morning, and the November event on a Thursday night (pizza and beer). This is the second year of our program. Perhaps some year we can afford Fr Z…. :-)

    Any guy in metro Detroit is invited to come.

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