1962 Missale Romanum: Vatican bestseller

The online vendor of the Vatican publisher and bookstore the Libreria Editrice Vaticana, a site called paxbook.com , has a list of its bestsellers for October 2008.

Here is a glimpse:


1. Ordo. Missae Celebrandae et Divini Officii Persolvendi … Pro Anno Liturgico 2008-2009

2. Rituale Romanum. Editio Typica 1952

3. Missale Romanum. Editio Typica 1962

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  1. I wonder what the median age is of those who are making these purchases. Also, it would be interesting to know how many are bishops. Alas, the information is probably confidential, if it is known at all. I would suspect that a younger aged clergy may have interest in these publications, but I may be mistaken. I would like to know where all the interest is coming from.

  2. Derik Castillo says:

    I bought one as a present to a friar in my home parish.

  3. Fr. Manion: I’ll wager they are young.

  4. Fr. BJ says:

    I picked up a copy of that Missale reprint when I was in Rome this summer. Some friends are over there right now on vacation, and I asked them to pick up the Rituale for me also. (It’s cheaper than ordering through Paxbook.) If it’s anything like the Missale, then it is a worthy and attractive reprint that, with the addition of some ribbons and tabs, could be used in the liturgy. For those who cannot afford to buy the super-fancy and long-delayed reprint of the Benziger Missale that is still in the works ($400++), buying one of these Missale reprints from Rome would be the way to go. Get some detail-oriented folks to help you put in tabs, and order some Missal ribbons from Euroclero or someplace. For well less than $200 you could be ready to go.

  5. Reginald Pole says:

    An excellent reprint of the Missale Romanum (1962) can be had from Latin Mass Liturgicals on sale at $160.

  6. Fr. BJ says:

    Reginald: that reprint is not ‘excellent’. It is actually fairly problematic, in my opinion. I can cite at least two problems that it has off-hand. The first is that the company that prints it claims that it is the edition of the Missale called for by the Motu Proprio, but that is not true, as it does not include the name of St. Joseph in the Canon, among other things. The printer include one sticker so that you can sticker over one page to put St. Joseph’s name in, but what are you supposed to do with all the other places where it is printed? So they deceptively advertise this book. Also, there are some rubrics that are printed in black by mistake instead of in red. This might not be a big deal in all cases, but these are pretty big mistakes. One example is a “Iungit manus” smack in the middle of a sentence in the Canon where, since it is printed in black, the celebrant might say the words “iungit manus” by mistake while reading the prayer.

    It is not that these two problems that I cite are insurmountable. It is that they are annoying and the result is that you end up with a Missale that has stickers in it, notes written in, and/or red brackets put around the black rubrics or however you choose to address that problem. Hardly ideal. And the printer advertises it very proudly as the “Motu Proprio” edition complete with an endorsement from Cardinal Castrillón! It would be nice if they would be a little more forthright in admitting that this volume is not, in fact, very ideal.

    So – buy this edition if you need something quick, easy, and cheap (comparatively). Otherwise, wait for the more expensive Benzinger reprint, or get the new Rome reprint and add tabs etc. to it.

  7. Syriacus says:

    Manlio Sodi – Alessandro Toniolo
    Rituale Romanum

    Editio Typica 1952

    Customers who bought this product also bought:

    # Missale Romanum. Editio Typica 1962 by M. Sodi e A. Toniolo
    # Handbuch der Ablässe. Normen und Gewährungen by Zweite Auflage
    # Liturgia Horarum vol. II. Tempus Quadragesimae. Sacrum Triduum Paschale. Tempus Paschale. Officium divinum ex decreto Sacrosancti Oecumenici Concilii Vaticani II instauratum, auctoritate Pauli PP. VI promulgatum Liturgia Horarum iuxta ritum romanum, editio typica altera by Editiones typicae pro celebratione Officii Divini
    # Ordo. Missae Celebrandae et Divini Officii Persolvendi Secondum Calendarium Romanum Generale Pro Anno Liturgico 2008-2009
    # Liturgia Horarum vol. I. Tempus Adventus, Tempus Nativitatis. Officium divinum ex decreto Sacrosancti Oecumenici Concilii Vaticani II instauratum, auctoritate Pauli PP. VI promulgatum Liturgia Horarum iuxta ritum romanum, editio typica altera by Editiones typicae pro celebratione Officii Divini

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