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  1. Joe Horan says:

    People should not loose hope about the election. It occured to me today that Obama is doing far better in blue states than Kerry and Gore did, and he is also doing far better than they did in red states. This does not mean that Obama will win in the electoral college. This means that Obama’s popular vote support is not the best place to look to gage the outcome of this election. For liberals and moderate liberals Obama is far more popular than Kerry or Gore and he will run up the popular vote in this way as well as turning out a lot of new voters in red states that will likely still go red. In short, Obama could win the popular vote by up to five points and still loose in the electoral college if McCain holds onto key swing states. Factor in the liberal bias of the pollsters, Obama’s inflated support among first time voters that may not translate on election day, the “undecideds” that are really McCain supporters afraid to say so, the margin of error, and you have a tie race or Obama up by 3 or 4 points. McCain could easily win with Mother Mary’s help. Im going to say a Rosary now for the babies, for our country not to elect this evil man. And also a prayer that if McCain gets in he will do the right thing and elect pro-life judges to the court.

    There are some red states that Obama could win such as CO and VA. Obama will likely win NM and IA but McCain can afford to loose these. But to win McCain only needs to win VA, FL, OH, CO, and NV and the easier states IN, MO, NC, WV. Other red states look safe. If McCain looses any of these he has to pick up states like PA, WI, MN, NH but this is very unlikely. PA might be in reach though in a miracle scenario if McCain looses either CO or VA or both. Im hoping Chaput will have a good effect in Denver. We need some VA Bishops to bash on Obama really bad like Chaput has been doing.

    We need to keep up the prayers and not get discouraged, and pray that McCain will do the right thing!

  2. erinalicia says:

    Novena Prayer/Oct 26 start

    Immaculate Heart of Mary,
    help us to conquer the menace of evil,
    which so easily
    takes root in the hearts of the people of today,
    and whose immeasurable effects
    already weigh down upon our modern world
    and seem to block the paths toward the future.
    From famine and war, deliver us.
    From nuclear war, from incalculable self-destruction, from
    every kind of war, deliver us.
    From sins against human life from its very beginning,
    deliver us.
    From hatred and from the demeaning of the dignity of the
    children of God, deliver us.
    From every kind of injustice in the life of society, both
    national and international, deliver us.
    From readiness to trample on the commandments of God,
    deliver us.
    From attempts to stifle in human hearts the very truth of
    God, deliver us.
    From the loss of awareness of good and evil, deliver us.
    From sins against the Holy Spirit, deliver us.
    Accept, O Mother of Christ,
    this cry laden with the sufferings of all individual
    human beings,
    laden with the sufferings of whole societies.
    Help us with the power of the Holy Spirit conquer all sin:
    individual sin and the “sin of the world,”
    sin in all its manifestations.
    Let there be revealed once more in the history of the world
    the infinite saving power of the redemption:
    the power of merciful love.
    May it put a stop to evil.
    May it transform consciences.
    May your Immaculate Heart reveal for all the light of hope.

  3. Patrick T says:

    On election day 2004, George Bush was trailing John Kerry in the polls by 6 points.

    This race is very, very close. A good turnout will push McCain to victory.

  4. PNP, OP says:

    Be careful, Father! Recently, I’ve been getting comments in my comboxes from folks quoting the IRS code regarding the tax-exempt status of the church and church-related activities. There’s some kind of movement out there to intimidate us into silence using the long arm of the gov’t. Hints of things to come? You betcha.

    Fr. Philip, OP

  5. Joe Horan says:

    Burn the IRS code! Hooray for Archbishop Chaput for threatening to close down Catholic hospitals when the legislator threatened to force them to dispense contraception! Hooray for that fearless Shepherd! All you need is a spark to light a fire. Needless to say they backed down. The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians. Lets declare spiritual war on the powers that threaten souls including the silly IRS and their stupid code. Plenty of people have tried to take the Church’s rights away but She preaches on as they fall into the dust.

    Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s, but our hearts are inscribed with God’s Word, and our souls bear the image of His love. Render unto God what belongs to God, hearts of praise fearless for the fight!

  6. PNP, OP says:

    Joe, I agree! I was “warning” Father Z. “tongue in cheek.”

  7. “pray” +1 !!

    Specially in this case. The sole thought of having to bear such weight during the next 4 years is already tough, but the worst is not just the USA will suffer from it, but all the world.

  8. Jerry Boyd says:

    And a Constitutional lawyer with whom I have spoken says he hopes the issue may come before a Court…for this reason. The tax emempt issue is a matter of IRS regulations. His view is that the First Ammendment of the U S COnstitution (free speech) would prevail over the regulation. Given the millions of human lives at stake in this election the “risk” of the IRS regulation is worth it. The abortion issue alone has motivated multiple Bishops to do their job more than at any time in the past 50 years. Regardless of the outcome of this election there has been an awakening of the Church in America. If the culture of death prevails in this election our work is cut out for us and it will be important to have Bishop activists at the lead over the next 4 years in particular. If the culture of death prevails the focus of political activism, including that led by Bishops, must be the congressional mid-term elections in 2010. However, as other posters have indicated don’t give up the ship just yet. An Obama victory is far from certain. The psuedo-catholic Biden’s mouth just might succeed in undoing what his empty suit (and empty headed) campaign partner has sought to accomplish with smooth talk and lies.

  9. TJM says:

    Dems call Repubs “nazis, fascists, thugs, etc.” In physcology that’s known as “projection.” Tom

  10. PuxaXixon says:

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    The last refuge of a scoundrel: Patriotism. The second to last: Fear.

  11. TJM says:

    the first and last refuge of a scoundrel: liberalism! Liberals peddle fear all of the time under the guise that you need big government to
    handle everything. Tom

  12. magdalen says:

    My Cuban friend in Miami has said the same thing; he is scared to death.

  13. Lucy says:

    Where can one obtain these bumper stickers ? I’m not into bumper stickers, but this is one I could use for two weeks !

  14. joe says:

    Thanks Father for the post. Thank God for all those who post here. I’m encouraged to continue to pray, fast and hope that God will give John McCain the victory and save the millions of Innocent Unborn Children who will be slaughtered by Herod-obamonster of the party of death.

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