BLOGNIC ALERT: Philadelphia – Thursday evening!

I believe we have locked down the time and place for the Philadelphia blognic.

I can be at the Irish Pub at 20th & Walnut in the Rittenhouse Square area Thursday evening, 23 October, from 6:00-8:00 pmMAP.

Other bloggers and clerics who read and post are especially welcome, though it is a weeknight and we all know how busy you are.

I suggest that if someone arrives a little early they might stake out an area.  Thursday is Game 2 of the World Series, which starts at 8:00 pm.  I suspect the place will be pretty amped up. 

Before the blognic, I hope to spend time in the afternoon at the Museum, which closes at 5:30 pm on Thursday.   I suppose I would then walk to the Pub, depending on the weather, perhaps with a visit to the Basilica on the way. 

I have never seen the Basilica here.  More on that as the day approaches.  

As is the case for all blognics everywhere, this is very informal.  People can order food for themselves, for others, or not.  Order whatever you want to sip, for yourself, for others, or not, it’s up to you.  There is no other agenda other than meet each other, chat and have some fun. 

That the Phillies are in the Series is icing on the cake!   That’ll just make this more memorable.  


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