Catholics pro-abortion politicians, canon 915, and Red Masses

Here is an interesting story.

This is the season of Red Masses in the USA.

Think about that.

American Life League Thursday called on Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl to enforce Canon 915 at the annual Red Mass at St. Matthew the Apostle Cathedral on Oct. 5.

The Catholic Code of Canon Law requires that all those who persist in "manifestly grave sin" are not to be permitted to receive the Holy Eucharist.

"We implore Archbishop Wuerl to exercise his duty to protect the Holy Eucharist from the sacrilege of pro-abortion politicians receiving the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League.

The Red Mass has been notoriously attended by politicians who actively support abortion and contraception – a position that is unequivocally opposed by the Catholic Church.

"The Blessed Sacrament has been desecrated in years past at this Mass by politicians with blood on their hands," Brown said. "We hope and pray that this year, Archbishop Wuerl has the courage to be a real shepherd and leader of his flock by protecting our most sacred Sacrament."

The Red Mass is a special Mass celebrated for those involved in the government and legal system. Catholics believe these officials’ power comes from God – therefore they have a sacred duty to govern with justice and protect the most innocent and defenseless among us – the preborn."The Red Mass should be the perfect opportunity for Archbishop Wuerl to send a message to pro-abortion politicians everywhere – it is not possible to be Catholic and support abortion."


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  1. Alan says:

    Based on Wuerls previous “wiggle room” statements on not “knowing the conscience” of the individual, and for that matter, stating plainly and matter-of-factly that he would
    not deny pro-choice politicians communion.

    I dont think there is any suspense here.

    He will denounce Peolosi out of one side of his face (he was a lemming out of necessity in this repsect and didnt lead) and defend her “unknown conscience’s”
    ability to recieve the Holy Eucahrist from the other side.

    His example begs the question, if the Archbishop doesnt take the Eucharist serious enough to protect it from publicly defiant sinners who oppose the Church and what it stands
    for, why should I take my Church teaching seriously on abortion, or sin or the real presence or anything else for that matter?

    He has the toughest job being in DC. I recognize that, but with that responsibility he has had the opportunity to the greatest good. The fact that he chooses not to…

    I cant wrap my head around this. A person of his stature in the church not doing what is clearly right. Is it fear? The awkwardness of attending a social even with someone you
    publicly denied? The media ridicule? Saints have suffered more for demanding less. I cant expect bishops to be saints, but I do expect moral courage. If you dont have that,
    what are you left with?

  2. nihil autem says:

    Senator Lisa Murkowski was listed as a guest of honor in the program for the Red Mass in Anchorage last Sunday, attended by Archbishop Roger L. Schwietz, OMI. Lisa voted for the infamous “Harkin Amendment,” proclaiming the “sense of the senate” that Roe v. Wade is a wonderful decision and should be the law of the land. Thank God, she wasn’t able to attend and profane the Eucharist. Nonetheless, the impression left with the congregation was that if you publicly endorse abortion, you too can still be a guest of honor at a Red Mass, of all occasions.

  3. lectio says:

    Archbishop Wuerl won’t be at the Mass tomorrow, as he’ll be in Rome. Cardinal Foley is to be the homilist, so I guess it’s up to him.

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