FSSP celebrates in Rome

Our friend John Sonnen over at Orbis Catholicus has posted some great photos of the FSSP’s celebration in Rome.  Here and here and here and here and many other places.  Go explore.

Here is a teaser.

My my… that looks like the Via dei Pettinari, doesn’t it?

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  1. Irish says:

    Beautiful picture.

    It does give me an idea, though. If there is one thing Rudy Guiliani would good for, instead of running for president or pretending to be a 9/11 security expert, it would be to tell cities how to clean up the graffiti. And I wish Rome would hire him.

  2. Jayna says:

    The graffiti adds a certain charm to the occasion, doesn’t it?

    I wish we did processions here. The problem with my church is that it’s in the middle of nothing but suburban housing communities and for some reason there’s no sidewalk along the main road. I doubt we could get the whole road closed off to do a procession in the Deep South.

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