“In draperies worthy of eternity”

Biretta tip   o{]:¬)   to the Laudator Temporis Acti:

John Clare, Autumn:

Autumn comes laden with her ripened load
Of fruitage and so scatters them abroad
That each fern smothered heath and molehill waste
Are black with bramble berrys—where in haste
The chubby urchins from the village hie
To feast them there stained with the purple dye
While painted woods around my rambles be
In draperies worthy of eternity
Yet will the leaves soon patter on the ground
And death’s deaf voice awake at every sound
One drops—then others—and the last that fell
Rings for those left behind their passing bell
Thus memory every where her tidings brings
How sad death robs us of lifes dearest things.

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