In Italian: De Mattei’s intervention at the Rome “Summorum Pontificum” conference.

For those of you who speak Italian, this is a must.

During the conference I went to in Rome about Summorum Pontificum, Prof. Roberto de Mattei gave one of the very best interventions.

The organizers have finally put up the video I saw them taking during the conference.  Check out the site Corrispondenza Romana.

He makes a very compelling examination the cultural ethos of the 1960’s and the liturgical reforms of the Council.

This is excellent.

Here is the first part of Prof. De Mattei’s talk.


Part two:


Part three:


Part four:


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  1. Flambeaux says:

    May I dare to hope for a transcription of his Intervention?

  2. dustiam says:

    In the meantime, use an Italian to English translation program such as Google Translate. A fairly understandable translation of Fr. Mattei’s address is given, and you are invited by Google to offer a better translation of each Italian phrase. Here’s part of Google’s machine translation:

    …there is no doubt that the Tridentine rite “expresses with perfect clarity that one ecclesiology that is true and that every Catholic liturgy must express “Gregorian Quella liturgy – continued de Mattei – reminds us through his silence, his genuflection, his reverence, the infinite distance that separates heaven from earth, reminds us that our horizon is not land but the heavenly; reminds us that nothing is possible without the sacrifice and the gift of life is natural and supernatural mystery.

    The ancient Roman rite then scored all the glorious moments of Christian history “under the sometimes grandiose St. Peter and in the most humble and remote chapels the ends of the earth. For all the reasons listed so far this rite ‘is now the intention of Benedict XVI, an effective response to the challenge of secularization,” he concluded.

  3. Flambeaux says:


    Your comment indicates there is a printed text available. I’d be happy to crunch through the Italian on my own time, with or without the aid of a machine translator.

    I just wasn’t aware of a text being available online.

  4. RichR says:

    I picked a bad time to put off that Rosetta Stone – Italian program…..;-)

  5. Alan says:

    Any news of a transcript in Italian?

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