Into the Sabine Forest

I was out in the Sabine forest today, behind the house enjoying the autumn leaves. 

I had my little camera with me and took some movies as well as stills.  Just experimenting a bit.

So, I tinkered with my editing program to make this filmette as a learning project.


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  1. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Charming. The music, the dappled light, the color play… but missing the nymphs and unicorns.

  2. Bob K. says:


  3. Trad Tom says:

    Father Z,
    You have no idea how happy you make so many of us readers: your words and analyis that show us “brick by brick” in so many ways, and your pictures, videos, and snatches of “real” life that are so beautiful and yet so beautifully human.
    Thank you, father, and may God abundantly bless you. Ad mutos annos!

  4. Trad Tom says:

    Yikes! “analysis” misspelled
    Yikes again! “multos” misspelled
    Yikes yet again! “Father” (in the last line) should be capitalized!
    I guess we shouldn’t be in such a hurry when we post……..

  5. Tim says:

    Father Z-

    Bravo on the video, especially the sound mixing! The Four Seasons, right?

    How were you moving when making the video? Walking? On a bike? I’m just curious.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  6. Geoffrey says:

    Excellent choice of music. What a beautiful setting. Perfect for strolling with one’s breviary or rosary in hand.

  7. Sieber says:

    Que bella!

    Va bene.


  8. Raphaela says:


  9. John P. says:

    Father, that’s absolutely beautiful! I saw it last night, but couldn’t play the video as I was on my PDA. My grandmother passed away this morning, and watching this video made me wonder if that is what heaven is like. I really liked the choice of music, it seemed to go so well with the video. Thank you for sharing.

    John P.

  10. Mike B. says:


    Stunningly beautiful! Thanks you so much for this video and everything else you do!



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