Sabine report and many over due thanks

When I returned to the Sabine Farm, I found packages waiting for me from readers who use my amazon wish list.

I am over due in thanking those who sent them.

I am prompted because Mr. Mail Man on this lengthy rural route pulled up with a box too large for the PO box at the end of the long drive.

But first, a Sabine REPORT:

Last night I knew we were in for frost by morning when I saw the mist rising not just On Sabine Pond

But also on the higher ground.

This morning when I rose, sure enough, there was frost, which melted, thawed and resolved itself into a dew… which was no challenge to Shakespeare, but would have posed serious problems for the defenders of the old, lame-duck ICEL theory of translating. 

The dew sure made the lawn sparkle.

But it also signaled the true end of summer. 

You would think that the changing leaves would have been a good clue, as well as the heavily laden apple tree ….

Yesterday, we still had these.

Alas… no more.

Lot’s of things died last night and are being removed today.

And in the midst of the removal, here comes Mr. Mail Man!

With a wonderful mysterious BOX from amazon.

Within said box I found something from JJ of CA, The Catholic Revival In English Literature,1845?-1961: Newman, Hopkins, Belloc, Chesterton, Greene, Waugh by my friend Fr. Ian Ker.

Many thanks also go out to CG of the UK for sending Musical Evenings With The Captain and Musical Evenings With The Captain, Vol. 2 which accompany Patrick O’Brian’s aubrey/Maturin books.  They are great!

JH of OH sent Pastoral and Occasional Sermons by Ronald Knox, whom I do not know well enough at all. 

GS of MD sent Render Unto Caesar: Serving the Nation by Living our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life by Archbishop Chaput.  This is a must, folks.  Get it.  You can click that link, above.

JH of GA sent Puccini – La Boheme (The Metropolitan Opera HD Live Series) which is the Zeffirelli production on DVD.  Superb.

I received also Abortion, the Development of the Roman Catholic Perspective by John R. Connery, The Philosophy of Tolkien: The Worldview Behind The Lord of the Rings by Peter Keeft, and Bonsai Basics: A Step-By-Step Guide To Growing, Training & General Care  by Christian Pessey and Remy Samson.

I am also quite grateful to those of you who have voted and who have used the donation button.

Speaking of Bonsai… it’s time for a …


Penjing, I am happy to say, thrives.  My absence had no negative effect.  In fact, Penjing needs a serious trim.

On the other hand Irohamomiji is, well… losing it.

I am not sure what else I expected from a maple tree in autumn.

But I find the buds a very curious thing. 

I don’t understand this tree.

Still…the grounds are rather pretty right now.  Very serene, which is an aid to work work work.

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  1. Andy K. says:

    Fr. Z,
    Would it be possible, even though I know your time is short, for posting reviews/reactions/comments on the books you read and receive? I have that you get a bunch of good-sounding books, but wondered if you could give us some thoughts on them? Only if you have time!

    Otherwise, I LOOOVE the blog! (And am happy you’re back to the old format. It’s nice and familiar;-))

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Great post! Were you able to salvage your vegetables and herbs before the first frost?

    It seems like summer is very short at the Sabine Farm. I seem to recall pictures of snow very close to Easter.

    Seems like the time is right for a batch of home made apple cider. I love this time of year!

  3. Liam says:

    On most temperate deciduous trees, buds for the next season are already formed by the time the leaves drop.

    A good way to think of the process: from late summer into early winter, trees are growing their roots. From late winter to mid-spring, they are growing leaves and branches. From mid-spring to late summer, their trunks are expanding, and in some species there is continued branch growth.

    Many bonsai need to go dormant, representing the second challenge of bonsai (the first being avoiding overwatering).

  4. PMcGrath says:

    Dear Father:

    What about the bird feeder?

  5. Mr. Mail Man?

    How redundant.

    All men are Misters and males!

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